Dapple Gray Glow Up: Before and After Progression Pictures


Recently, TPH editor Lauren Mauldin did something she never thought she’d do—buy a gray horse.

While she (already) spends a lot of time grooming and bathing her very dark, young grey (who of course is the most dirt-loving horse she’s ever had), she wondered about how he might dapple as he ages. Grays are like unwrapping a present year after year—it’s a surprise how they continue to evolve.

So we turned to our amazing readers to see how your grays “glowed up” as they aged, and loved the results! Looking for something else? Try darmowe gry hazardowe.

“True North’s very first horse show in August 2014 through the years to 2019 💗🦄” – Submitted by Cira Pace Malta. Photos © The Book LLC & Shawn McMillen Photography
“My OTTB “Gi Gi” as I call her , had soooo many dapples , now she less dappled and more flea bitten.” – submitted by Julie A Griffen
“Top pic is my girl Sept ’14 (5yr old) the day she got on a trailer to start her new life as a mild#blmmustang. Bottom is last week, June ’19 (10 yr old) as a #mustangwonderpony . She is starting to turn flea bitten.” – Submitted by Kaitlyn Lucas
“This is Seaborne’s Eriennach. The first photo is SeaB as a three year old and the second is her as a twelve year old.” – submitted by Avery Pace
“5 years old to 8 years old.” – submitted by Laura Roesing
“Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room: age 4, age 7, age 10, and age 31.” – Submitted by Ellen Willson Glover
“Dutch warmblood mare over a period of 14 yrs” – submitted by Karen Rutherford DaPonte
“The day I bought Nemo off the track in 2016 to fall 2018!” – submitted by Taylor Foxhall
“Horse and rider both grew up 😉” – submitted by Emily Power
“The top two are 2001, bottom left is ‘07, and bottom right was taken last month. He’s 24 now!” – submitted by Stephanie Justen
“Our gelding Eddie!” – submitted by Annie Graber
“From sassy 6 year old to hairy old man 💕” – submitted by Jen Rose
“Smitten, age 6 and 15.” – submitted by Jennifer Sponseller Webster
“Bailey as a yearling, 2 yo and 24 years old.” – submitted by Kristen Mowery Barth
“Haute Couture Chanel at 5 and 7” – submitted by Caroline Mercier Stanton
“2010, 5yrs old “before” and now in 2019.” – submitted by Seva Perniciaro
“Before even turning gray, first day outside. Turning gray. About 3 years old, between a steel dapple and rose gray. Rose gray at 5, and flea bitten at 11.” – submitted by Maile Simpler
“From first show to recent schooling.” – submitted by Hillary Whitt
“Uptown Girl – a few months old to 11 years.” – submitted by Brook Belknap Adler. Photo © Heather N. Photography and Lindsey Goodwin
“Cara Mia TCE “Lucy” 2019 mare by Cunningham a few days old and as a 2yo.” – submitted by Danielle Castano Parsons
“2004, 2011, 2017” – submitted by Erin McGuire
Submitted by Kristen Cook
“Held Captive at 3, 7 and 18.” – submitted by Catherine Jennings
“My guy as a 4 y/o and a 10 y/o” – submitted by Sarah Torti
Submitted by Cassie Shumate
“4 years old, 9 and 14.” – submitted by Aly Haynes-Traver
“From 3 to 7.” – submitted by Angela Bailey
“Rudy at 3 vs 17.” – submitted by Drew Keller