The Plaid Horse Network to Live Stream Briarwood Derby Day

Skillman, NJ–The Plaid Horse Network will live stream the 2019 Briarwood Derby Day, to be held on July 9.

New Jersey Horse Shows Association President Katie Benson started Briarwood Derby Day in memory of her husband, Jack, in 2010. The show is a major fundraiser for the Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center, where Jack was treated. 

“Derby Day started as a tribute to Jack and his contributions to the industry and how we horse show based on what he taught us,” said Katie.

“We’ve certainly carried that torch along, but now a lot of people who are involved in the competition never met him. They feel the excitement of Derby Day because it’s a specialty horse show. The people who put this together, everybody pulls not at 100 percent, but at 120 percent.”

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