Live Bets on King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes: What You Need To Know

The King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes is one of the most anticipated horse racing events of the year and it attracts some of the most iconic jockeys and thoroughbreds in the world. Held in Ascot, United Kingdom and on the 27th of July, the event is fast approaching and spectators are already weighing up the odds of potential racehorses winning, in monetary terms.

Being one of the most prestigious events within the world of horse racing, this high stakes race is run over 1 mile and 4 furlongs, granting bettors ample time in which they can adjust their live bets.

If you are planning on getting your bets in this time round at sports betting at 888 Sport NJ, here are a few pointers to get you ahead of the races and ideally fill your pockets as well as your spirits.

Getting To Know The Players

Looking at 2018’s event, almost a year ago, Sir Michael Stoute won the event, placing Poet’s Word as his 6th win. In the instance this kind of horse racing legend takes part in the 2019 event, bettors should be familiar with his horses and how they are trained, what his techniques are and how he executes each race. The better you know racers and the more events you are familiar with, the more informed your wager.

Taking into consideration, trainers like Lara Chapot, one of the winners of Lake Placid horse show, you can immediately detect her strengths and weaknesses, the very essence of how she won the jump and what techniques got her across the finish line.

The more you understand these key players and their repertoires of both wins and losses, the better the chances of your bet being a winning one.

Choosing The Best Sports Book

Choosing a sports book with a reputable history is absolutely critical. This is what not only determines if you will be paid out your winnings, but also how you bet. The sports book will need to offer fair and accurate odds with the best betting options, a variety of sports and the latest races to boot.

Staying Ahead Of Your Calendar

Choose the right races to bet on according to the horse racing calendar of the year. King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes is the perfect milestone to bet on as it is one of the most popular races of the year and trusted sites like 888 Sport will be a part of the elite races to take place.

Why Live Sports Betting

Live sports betting is one of the only mean of placing wagers and having the ability to adjust these wagers as the race progresses. Being as fast as the thoroughbreds taking to the track, your bets will be speedily updated and the adrenaline is unmatched by any other form of online betting.

With the anticipation of this year’s King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes horse racing event, there have been many active bets lined up on which horse will be the champion and which trainer has the most talent, the question is, will you be getting your bets in this year?

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