Horse Racing Manager 2019 app for real horse lovers

There are very few videogames featuring horses. The most successful is undoubtedly Red Dead Redemption 2, where the equines are only the means by which the protagonist of the adventure signed Rockstar Games and his opponents move around. Horse Racing Manager, a series born on PC over 15 years ago and that in the latest versions, has moved to Android and iOS mobile devices, is quite different in nature. Horse Racing Manager initially proposed an experience of complete sports manager, set in the world of horse racing with 3 different game modes: that of a gambler of horse betting online, the jockey’s and finally the owner’s/coach’s. 

The gaming experience has slowly changed with the transition of the videogame to the mobile devices of the operating systems of Google and Apple. The app created by the Third Time Games development team and produced by Tilting Point, is available free of charge but in addition to the announcements within the various game screens, there are also known the well-known micro transactions, or purchases to be made with real money in the in-app shop to unlock various game elements.

The main novelties of the latest arrival in order of time, Horse Racing Manager 2019, released very recently, relate to the introduction of HRM TV, the hub for online horseracing without forgetting the possibility to take part in online multiplayer competitions available every 5 minutes to advance your position in the constantly updated global ranking. The races can be viewed in an intense and suspenseful mode, just like in a real life derby, or through quick results to proceed more quickly in your virtual career.

The keywords for Horse Racing Manager 2019 that describe the game experience are Breed, Train, Customize and Race. So there are many actions that we can do within the simulator as well as enhance the statistics of the performance of the horses with food, rest and physical training.

We can maintain and update the statistics through a variety of training methods or choose the path of creating a new bloodline that can be stronger and more impetuous. In any case, only the best of the best racing horse owners will know how to keep their animals at the peak of their shape, well rested and with an optimal weight in addition to solving possible problems that even in this virtual world can happen.

According to unofficial online statistics available, only in June, Horse Racing Manager 2019 was downloaded by over 20,000 users worldwide. A really significant number, however, thinking of a game proposed to a small circle of fans.

Looking online for opinions and comments from fans of the series, all of them are very satisfied with the experience of the game. The only criticism concerns on the one hand the need to make in-app purchases to obtain a complete and satisfying gaming experience. On the other hand, some users would like to see the series materialize again on the PC for an even more advanced gaming experience in terms of both simulation and graphics.

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