Horse riding holidays in Italy: 5 fantastic destinations


Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan. Art, culture, good food are some of the typical ingredients of a holiday in Italy, but we are ready to bet, maybe on, that some of our readers may like to discover the “belpaese” on horseback. So we propose 5 proposals very popular by tourists for those who want to make a holiday on horseback in some Italian town.

1. Tuscany, Uccellina
In the heart of the greenest region of Italy, Tuscany, the Monti dell’Uccellina are a group of hills along the coast of Maremma around Grosseto. This idea is thought for those who want to have a long weekend on horseback in this beautiful area of Italy, where you can combine the relaxation of a holiday breathing the sea air, horseback riding and visiting famous villages such as Talamone, Orbetello, Alberese and Monte Argentario.

2. Emilia Romagna, Lido delle Nazioni

If you have good horse management skills and want to admire the beautiful places around the Park of the Po Delta (the most important river in Italy) riding a horse, just come to Lido delle Nazioni in the Emilia Romagna region, in the center of Italy as well. This resort offers a weekend with walks and visits to the beautiful Abbey of Pomposa or the Capanno di Garibaldi (the Italian hero who made the nation united) and picnics during the day.

3. Lombardy, Intelvi Valley

Lombardy is the region in Northern Italy where there is Milan, the economic capital of Italy. The Val d’Intelvi, just under an hour and a half from the metropolis, is instead a mountainous valley area located in the province of Como, near the border of Italy with Switzerland. Here you can find the horses of the Bisbino, a group of animals that live free in the wild in the mountains. In the area, more precisely in Lanzo d’Intelvi, you can book a weekend preferably in summer, including a walk on the saddle with the possibility of being assisted by an instructor.

4. Sardinia, Chia 

Sardinia is the beautiful island region that lies west of the Italian peninsula and that offers wonderful places for tourists.  South of Sardinia, 40 kilometers from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, there is a turquoise sea and an expanse of white sand in a place called Chia. From here, you can go out on horseback organized by a hotel. During these excursions, horse and rider can feel a lot of freedom. And you don’t need to be an expert: each tour is organized according to the experience of those who participate.

5. Veneto, Arabba
Surrounded by the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites, declared by Unesco a World Heritage Site, in a setting of rare beauty, at the foot of the imposing massif of the Sella, lies the valley of Fodom with its most important center Arabba. Here you can spend a weekend on the saddle along a scenic route that also passes through Bec de Roces where the perennial glacier of the Marmolada is located. Once you get off the horse, we strongly recommend you to walk along the paths also present at the top to enjoy a breathtaking scenery.