Springtime Supplements is Keeping the Bugs Away with Garlic

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In most parts of the US, we’ll be in bug season for at least a few more months. The bugs are going to bother your horses, and that’s going to bother you!

Flies, gnats, ticks, and other pests cause a lot of problems for horses. They annoy with their constant landing and biting, and those bites can leave blemishes on your horses’ skin—not ideal when show season is still in full swing. Many horses will stomp their legs to disperse the flies. That can create hoof problems and even lameness as well as cause the horses to burn extra calories, which is tough with a hard keeper. 

Photo from unsplash.com

Fly spray is great for riding, but what about turnout? You need solutions that last longer than the efficacy period of most fly sprays and that won’t wash away in the rain or become diluted if the horse sweats. 

Bug Off Garlic from Springtime Supplements is a terrific solution to these bug problems. As an added bonus, it supports a healthy immune system. Bug Off Garlic is a feed-through supplement made of air-dried garlic granules that provides round-the-clock protection from flies, ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, and other biting insects. 

With Bug Off Garlic, you don’t have to worry about handling chemicals in fly spray. Bug Off Garlic is not only naturalsafe, it’s beneficial. It promotes friendly gut bacteria necessary for healthy digestion.

You might be surprised at how much your horse likes garlic! Many of them gobble it up. The preparation method affects the garlic’s taste because it determines how much allicin, the chemical that lends garlic that sharp flavor, is released. Bug Off Garlic is air-dried so that it has a subdued flavor. To start, introduce gradually by adding just a sprinkle and then gradually scale up slowly, to the dose appropriate for your horse’s weight. Springtime recommends year-round use for maximum protection, but it’s also worth noting that the preparation method means it is shelf stable at room temperature for two years.

It is possible, at least theoretically, for horses to reach a level of garlic consumption that causes toxicity, which would manifest as anemia in horses. However, a Canadian study showed that horses would have to eat about 200 cloves of garlic a day to run that risk. That’s far more than the maximum dosage of Bug Off Garlic, so you can feed this supplement with confidence that your horses will be safe. 

Springtime Supplements also makes a Bug Off Garlic formula for dogs, available in both granulated and chewable forms, to promote the same healthy immune system and bug protection for our canine companions. And us humans are in luck—Springtime makes a garlic capsule for us too! We can get great health benefits from it, and if we take three capsules a day per 100 pounds of body weight, it’ll keep the bugs away just as effectively as it does for our horses and our dogs. Given that equestrians tend to spend a lot of time outside in rural areas full of trees and other bug-friendly environments, we can use all the help we can get. Plus, it’s great for our immune systems.

If you’re worried about your horse’s exposure to bugs this year, start her on Springtime Supplements Bug Off Garlic. For 15% off and free shipping, use coupon code PLAID19 at checkout. If you’d like to chat with someone at Springtime and place your order over the phone, call them at 800-521-3212. Enjoy the rest of your summer bug-free.