August 16, 2019—New York, New York

PonyApp, one of the world’s fastest-growing equestrian communities, has officially reached 100,000 horse profiles in its database. Launched as a stable management app in March 2017, PonyApp has quickly expanded to become the horse world’s go-to digital platform.

“Reaching 100,000 horse profiles is a tremendous step in building out an engaged, equestrian community within our app, “ explains PonyApp Cofounder and Olympic silver medal-winning show jumper Lucy Davis. “PonyApp is a place to go when you’re not at the barn. You can stay connected to the horse world (and your horse) no matter where you are or what you’re doing.”

With this major milestone in the company’s development, PonyApp continues to release new and exciting features to its audience. More recently, a host of new sharing features allow PonyApp users to post their horse’s activities, follow top-ranked horses and riders, and “toss apples” (likes) to their friends.

Public posting is at the heart of application’s new focus, offering users the choice to share their videos, results, management records, and training tools within their private team or to the entire PonyApp community. “I often describe what we’re doing as ‘LinkedIn for horses,’” explains Davis. “There currently is no one place to look up a horse. In time, we will be just that.”

U25 Ambassadors. Photo by Kaitlyn Karssen

In her own capacity as a professional, Davis says she uses PonyApp to store competition and training videos to chart her progress; manages her string of horses by storing relevant horse care information and that with her team; and customizes information she can pass on to prospective horse buyers—and that’s not all.

“There’s still a horse management element, but now, it’s geared as much toward the everyday owner and rider as it is the industry professional. You can manage your digital presence with the option to share results and training accomplishments amongst your friends and community, oruse it as your personal sports timeline.”
“There is a lot of information about horses and riders out there, but until it’s in a consistent location, I believe it will remain difficult for our sport to grow across more mainstream audiences,” Davis shares. “I have plenty of friends and family that want to keep up with my career, but they have had no idea where to or how to. PonyApp is that place for them now.”

Photo by Nicole Fava

With the growth of equestrian sports as a core mission of the company, PonyApp is offering greater participation opportunities for equestrians at every level—from owners and amateurs, to industry professionals, hobbyists, and horse enthusiasts, alike. “The goal is to create a stronger network of horse enthusiasts through more opportunities to join-in and become part of the community in real-time. We want to be the hub for the horse world, and this is just the start.”

To learn more or download PonyApp for yourself, click here or visit theponyapp.com

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