Springtime Supplements Has Options to Help Your Horse Perform When it Matters

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From great joint health to a calm performance on show day, we all want our horses to have the edge when we need it the most. Springtime Supplements has several options that will help your horse feel and perform at their best, whether you’re trail riding or competing.

Joint Health

Their Joint Health Formula, available in powdered or wafer form, helps maintain cartilage, ligament, and tendon health to keep stiffness associated with aging and strenuous activity at bay. The Joint Health Formula supports a normal inflammatory response and is a natural way to promote joint lubrication.

Springtime has had a great deal of positive feedback on this supplement, which uses the popular ingredients chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCl, MSM, and boswellia serrata. 

Boswellia serrata, also known as frankincense, has been used for generations in many cultures to reduce inflammation. Today, it is renowned for its support of a healthy inflammatory response. Chondroitin sulfate is a naturally occurring molecule in the connective tissue and cartilage of people and animals. The body uses it to create new cartilage and provide cushion to healthy joints. It’s also important to maintaining a healthy skin, coat, nails, and hair.

There are different types of chondroitin and they come from different sources. Springtime uses chondroitin sourced from beef trachea cartilage, which has among the highest concentrations of chondroitin-a, the type with the greatest health benefits. Other products on the market labeled 100% chondroitin contain no chondroitin-a, which makes them ineffective in supporting joint health. As with all their products, Springtime uses the best ingredients to keep your horses healthy.

Photo © Vyla Carter

Fatty Acids

We all need healthy fats in our bodies to be in optimal health, and our horses are no exception to that. Many people supplement with fish oil, but horses are herbivores and aren’t meant to eat fish—plus, it doesn’t smell very good. Springtime Supplements developed their Ahiflower Oil to fill this gap in equine nutrition, and are the only supplement company that distributes it in the United States. Grown entirely from non-GMO crops, Ahiflower oil is fully traceable, pure, and highly palatable.

Ahiflower is superior to fish oil, because it’s better suited to grazing animals. It also provides a better omega 3 source than flaxseed. It contains long-chain omega-3s to help regulate flexibility, fluidity, and post-exercise stress responses in joints and ligaments, as well as in the heart, brain, and skin cells. Ahiflower is sustainable, non-GMO, and is backed by clinical trial data in performance horses. 

A recent clinical trial involving race horses conducted at the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College showed that horses who consumed Ahiflower for 10 weeks had up to ten times better omega-3 EPA and DHA conversion and noticeably better anti-inflammatory biomarkers than horses who consumed flaxseed oil. Horse owners seeking a complete omega to improve exercise recovery, joint and ligament health, luster, and stress responsiveness need look no further than Springtime Supplements’s very own Ahiflower.

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Sometimes our horses need extra support on the big day, and that’s where Springtime Supplements Performance Paste comes in handy. The Performance Paste supports energy, stamina, and oxygenation, as well as promote cartilage and capillary health, joint lubrication, and a calm demeanor. It also maintains normal lactic acid levels, which is helpful for performance horses in their recovery. 

Springtime Supplements also makes DMG 5,600, which has been found in tack rooms for decades. This classic supplement supports healthy oxygen utilization so that our horses can perform and recover optimally. Like the Performance Paste, it helps reduce lactic acid buildup–the problem that leads to tying up. Springtime’s DMG 5,600 is an extremely cost-effective way to help maintain healthy oxygenation.

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Many riders have enough to worry about with our own jitters on show day, so why not help keep our horses’ minds? Daily Calm is a supplement that can be used every day as well as on special occasions where extra focus is helpful. Daily Calm won’t make horses feel drowsy or sedated. The top-grade panax ginseng extract supports focus, confidence, performance, and health.

Ginseng is in a class of botanicals called adaptogens that combat stress while improving health, well being, and athletic performance. Other ingredients in Daily Calm help support adrenal function and free radical scavenging, which maintain overall health.

Daily Calm is perfect for trailering, lessons, and shows, as well as horses who have a hard time relaxing on a day-to-day basis. Horses with a tendency towards spookiness or stable vices like stall walking or weaving have been helped by Daily Calm.

Whatever your horse needs, Springtime Supplements is there for you. As we head into the end of the competitive season and look towards indoors, make sure your horses have the best competitive edge you can give them. For 15% off and free shipping, use coupon code PLAID19 at checkout. If you’d like to chat with someone at Springtime and place your order over the phone, call them at 800-521-3212.