How horse riding can increase your studying success

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You probably know that sport plays a great role in human development. The statistic shows that those kids and teenagers who do sport on a regular basis show better results at schools and colleges. A recent study has proven that horse riding improves cognitive ability. The study also shows that horse riding has a positive effect on emotional conditions. Can horse study really help you to show better study results? Find interesting facts about this sport and see how it can benefit your study process.

Management of Anxiety

A lot of students feel anxious when having to deal with difficult tasks. A new group of people, tutors, unknown tasks, exams and worrying about getting higher grades often makes young people experience anxiety. Riding a horse at least 2 times a week has a positive effect on emotional state and helps to improve healthy emotions. Excessive nervousness and apprehension can stop you from enjoying the whole studying process, having the energy to gain knowledge and desire to improve your skills. So, if you have worries and fear maybe it’s your chance to try horse riding and see the benefits yourself.

Improving Intelligence

Some time ago, Scientists from the Tokyo University of Agriculture have found that the horses produce vibrations that activate the human’s brain and in particular, it’s part that is called sympathetic nervous system. The results of testing the children were great. A group of kids was asked to complete response tasks before and after riding horses. The test showed that all behavioral tasks are performed much better after the activity. Such results prove that the activity improves memory, focus, and problem-solving. If you get into riding horses a few times a week, you may wonder “who can write my paper for cheap while I’m out?”. Thanks to a big number of writing services, you can pass on your papers to professional writers who would assist you in doing your homework.

Improving Self-Esteem

A lot of youngsters who enter colleges and universities feel insecure. A new environment and people often make teenagers feel uncomfortable especially when moving to another city or country and living on campuses. Insecurity causes a lot of problems from feeling depressed and lonely to an inability to interact with other people. Horse riding lessons proved to increase confidence and self-concept. Therefore, such an activity can help you to feel better about yourself, meet people easier and feel more comfortable when communicating with strangers. Such skills help in college since there are a lot of tasks and activities that require groups of students participating together, solving problems and coming up with solutions. 

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Improving Digestion

You may ask why we decided to mention digestion in this article but we have a good answer for you. The gut-brain connection plays a big role in your everyday life. A lot of people don’t even think about it. The food that you eat and the liquids that you drink can affect your life. While studying in college, you don’t always have enough time to cook healthy food or go to a cafe and order a healthy meal. You may grab a sandwich, or burger and fill your stomach with a fizzy drink. Such food gets digested really slowly so you may feel weak and sleepy. One of the benefits of horse riding is improved digestion. An hour of riding a horse will burn a lot of calories and make your stomach proceed all consumed food faster. As a result, you will feel light and full of energy to do your homework or prepare for exams. 

Connecting With Your Feelings and Emotions

Feeling happy and satisfied also plays a big role in studying. When you feel in tune with yourself, you enjoy your life and understand yourself well. Horse riding can become a great activity for teenagers who don’t require many friends, loud music and partying. Spending time with horses in nature can become your hobby. Horses are non-judgmental and intuitive. Horses improve well-being and they can become your friends, even though they can’t say a word. According to the professionals who work with kids and adults with learning disabilities, 76% of their students experience joy and happiness when spending time with horses, riding them and taking care of them. 

Great Exercise

If you think that sitting on a horse doesn’t require much effort, you are very wrong. Riding such a big animal takes a lot of skills and practice. If you want to try riding a horse, you can’t be overweight since you will find it difficult to keep balance, get on and off the horse. This activity builds strength plus it’s great for your immune system since you have a chance to spend time in nature. Usually, horse riding schools, trekking, and pony riding clubs are located in beautiful countryside and as you know being around nature has a positive effect on mind and emotions. 

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Would you like to learn to ride a horse or at least spend some time with them? There are a lot of clubs that are located in wonderful places in nature. It’s certainly worth trying to ride a horse or take at least a few lessons to see how much you like such an activity. It’s not that easy but if you really believe that these wonderful animals can help you to feel happier, healthier and improve your studying, then you should start looking for a horse riding school or club now. 

Jeff Blaylock is a renowned personal development coach and an accredited freelance author. He is the holder of a Master’s degree in Psychology. He often shares his researches telling interesting facts on how different animals help people to improve their health, mental state, and relationship. 

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