September 2019 U.S. Horse Racing Events

The horse racing event happens all year round. Many sports fans may not have known that each month the horse racing community celebrates different thoroughbred horse racing events. Big races such as U.S. Triple Crown Series may have closed this year, but there are other horse racing tournaments to celebrate what happens in some notable race tracks. 

The third quarter of this year is almost nearing to an end. September ends the third quarter for this year, yet horse racing events are still on the corner. It means that sports fans and all bettors still have the chance to win big at the races. August has brought a lot of fantastic horse racing tournaments, and Saratoga race track was the busiest racing field of all. It hosts around five horse racing events for August.

Your excitement for betting in horse racing event doesn’t end there. September is another month for you to look forward as another notable horse racing events going to take place. The horse racing community will once again showcase a lot of mighty thoroughbreds which will compete in their respective fields. 

There are four major horse racing events to look forward to this September. Each of these races will take place in different legendary horse racing field. Each of them also carries a considerable amount of prize purse. It means that bettors can also wage for a huge amount of money and has the chance to make the betting more profitable once it is placed correctly. 

The betting game for this horse racing events will surely give excitement to all wagers since the horse racers joining were well-known and has been tallying an excellent horse racing record. Make sure you have thoroughly researched the racing forms from horse racing online sites of your desired bets so you can assess whether you can bet for them or not. 

You also need to make sure that your bank account is sufficient enough to cope up with the required amount you should bet. Bear in mind that betting on horse racing tournament needs a quite amount of money. You also need to consider your betting prowess, and techniques so can indeed bring home the most delicious bacon. Here are the top horse racing events you should look forward and expect this coming September. 

Las Virgenes Stakes 

The Las Virgenes Stakes will take place on September 2, 2019. It will commence in the famous horse racing field of Santa Anita Park, California. It is a flat horse racing event attended by three-year-old thoroughbred female horses. Each filly has the chance to showcase their skills and talents in saddling up the dirt track, competing for a running distance of 1 mile. 

It is an annual horse racing event held every September in Santa Anita since its inauguration in 1981. Many fillies have attended this said tournament, and Las Virgenes Stakes has produced worldwide known female horse racers which became champions in big races as well. It holds a current prize purse amounting to $300,000. The winner of this racing event will head on to Triple Tiara Racing which is composed of Mother Goose Stakes, Black-Eyed Susans, and Kentucky Oaks. 

Santa Anita Handicap 

The Santa Anita Handicap is another American horse racing event which will happen on September 3, 2019. The thoroughbreds will all compete in a flat racing event vying for a title in the Grade 1 Stakes category.  They will run in a one ¼ mile dirt rack where the qualified four-year-old thoroughbreds can win a total purse prize of $600,000. 

It will take place in Santa Anita Park, California, which was the home of this event since 1935. The said horse racing event primarily holds three-year-old horse racing entries, but in 1969 they changed their rules and only accepts four-year-old thoroughbred racers. 

Vosburgh Stakes

The Vosburgh Stakes horse racing tournament will take place on September 18, 2019. It will happen in one of the most legendary horse racing fields in the United States, which is Belmont Park, New York. The three-year-old thoroughbred racers will run and compete to finish a dirt distance around 6 furlongs. 

It is a flat horse racing event where the winner can clinch a purse prize amounting to $350,000. The Vosburgh Stakes is a Grade 1 Stakes sprint competition. It was inaugurated in 1940, and the winner of this racing event will head on to the 2019 Breeder’s Cup Sprint as Vosburgh Stakes is a prep race for the said big event in Santa Anita this November. 

Fall Yearlings 

The Fall Yearlings horse racing event is part of the September Keeneland Sales and Stakes. It will take place on September  25, 2019. The said horse racing event is attended by female horse racers or fillies which will all compete in the flat racing category. The winner of Fall Yearlings will head on to the Triple Tiara, which is a race for female horses. 

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