The Kentucky Derby


The Kentucky Derby is one of the most famous horse races in the world. It is classified as a Grade I stakes race and it is known as a fan’s favorite when it comes to a two-minute sport. Only three-year-old Thoroughbreds are eligible to race on the Kentucky Derby.

Because of the roses that are draped over the winner, this race is also known as “The Run for the Roses”. The attendance at this race ranks at the very top in North America and it is one of the most-famous horse races in the world.

Aside from being the most attended race, the Kentucky Derby is also one of the most betted races in the world. Since the prize pools are tremendous, and the odds are great, the race is very attractive for people that like to bet. It is really hard to predict the winner, but if you follow the jockeys, the horses, and their recent form, you might end up with a winning slip. For those that are fans of betting and horse racing, the NJ sports news and tips provide great information on all of the horse races. 

Since the race is so famous in the horse racing world, we decided to break down everything we can about it. This article will provide some information about the qualifications, length, prizes, records, and much more. 


The Kentucky Derby was first run at 1 ½ mile. The first race took place on May 17, 1875. Over 10,000 people witnessed what would later be a big horse racing spectacle. And even though the start was successful, the track had a lot of financial issues during 1894. But, they managed to find a way out of it and with the start of the 1900s, Thoroughbreds owners started sending their horses to compete at the Derby. The owners understood why the breeding is important and they were passionate about the whole process.

General Information

The Kentucky Derby takes place in Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville. The record for the fastest Thoroughbred to is held by the Secretariat. The horse set the record in 1973 with a time of 1.59. “Riders Up” is the traditional signal for jockeys to mount their horses.

Length, Surface, Prizes and More

This race is held on the surface and it is 1 ¼ mile long. The complete prize pool for the race is $3 million, and the Thoroughbred that finishes first gets the $1.86 million prize. The track is left-handed and, as mentioned before, only three-year-old Thoroughbreds are eligible for the race. 

In the weeks preceding the race, there are a lot of activities that are held for the Kentucky Derby Festival. The organization for this type of race requires a lot of planning, attention to detail, and of course – money and sponsorships. As you may know, local shows might be cheap to organize, but we are talking about the biggest race in the horse racing world.

After the spectacle at this year’s race, there will be no doubt that the next year can be full of surprises, so make sure that you tune in if you are a fan of the sport.

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