The Benefits of a Fresh Diet for Your Dog or Cat

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Natural Ingredients Boost the Health of Your Beloved Pets

If you’ve ever worried about what exactly goes into that dry or wet food you’re feeding your furry friend, worry no more. We know that for humans, eating a diet full of fresh, locally-sourced meat, fruit and vegetables is good for our health. It’s logical that the same applies to the food we’re giving to our pet cat or dog.

Look at Freshpet reviews and you’ll find a company dedicated to providing the best pet food from the freshest ingredients. Meals are steamed at low temperatures to preserve vital nutrients. There are no processed ingredients in their meals, as they have no nutritional value. Say goodbye to artificial preservatives, fillers or over-processed meat powders.

The Benefits of Fresh Ingredients

Here’s how your favorite pooch or kitty can benefit from eating fresh food:

Shinier Coat

A glossy, shiny coat all year round is a great indicator that your pet’s in good health. The fatty acids available in fresh food help prevent dry skin or shedding.

More Energy

Whether your pet is a pup or a mature cat, we all want them to enjoy healthy vitality whatever their age. Eating nutrient-dense fresh foods will boost their energy, so make sure you’re ready for extra playtime with your furry one.

Relief From Allergies

Have you noticed your pet scratching more frequently? It could be a sign of allergies. Before you pay out for vets’ bills, consider their nutrition. Choose a diet that’s grain-free, full of protein and without fillers – and

Reduced Obesity

Feeding your dog or cat fresh, high-protein meals helps build lean muscle so that they keep to the correct weight range for their age.

Better Digestion

High-quality nutrition can heal your cat or dog’s digestive system, helping to prevent stomach upsets. The fresh meats and vegetables in fresh food will help your beloved pet’s long-term health.

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Key Ingredients in Fresh Pet Food


This vegetable source of complete proteins contains all nine essential amino acids. If you’re keen for your cat or dog to avoid wheat as a carbohydrate source, quinoa is an excellent alternative. It also offers high levels of calcium to help solidify your pet’s bone structure, B vitamins, and dietary fiber, plus lysine, which is essential for tissue growth and repair.


These superfoods aren’t just great for humans—they are packed with health benefits for your pet, too! Blueberries contain antioxidants, polyphenols, and vitamins C and K. These low-calorie nutrients help protect your four-legged friend from memory loss, hypertension, obesity, and aging.

Sweet Potato

Naturally high in fiber, sweet potatoes help with blood sugar control by slowing down the breakdown of carbohydrates. You’ll also find that fiber helps balance the right bacteria in your pet’s large intestine. The high levels of beta carotene naturally present in sweet potatoes reduce the risk of several cancers and protect your furry friend from heart disease.


This leafy vegetable is not only crunchy, but it also is a natural source of vitamins A and K. These cleanse your cat or dog’s digestive system and helps to protect them from free radicals. If your older pet is suffering from arthritis or joint pain, then the anti-inflammatory properties of kale will help.


This versatile, low-calorie vegetable helps your pet maintain mental clarity and cognitive brain functions. With high levels of iron, potassium, and manganese, spinach provides vitamins A, B, C and K.

Providing your pet with fresh food is a vital tool in helping them keep happy and healthy, which after all, is all you want as a pet owner for your whiskered friend.

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