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Modern Equestrian Decor Ideas to Flow Seamlessly With Your Home

If you asked the typical horse lover about interior design, they are likely to suggest styling their home after a luxurious barn filled with hundreds of photos of their beloved horses. We live and breathe this sport, and that includes our home!

But not everyone wants to live in an equine museum. Sometimes you have to do this crazy thing called “compromise” and not have every piece in your house be devoted to your favorite animal. For those looking for modern equestrian touches that match an otherwise normal contemporary home, we offer these ideas.

Utilize Large, Statement Art

Nothing grabs attention like a large print or painting, so why not grab attention with a beautiful horse? When mixed with modern and contemporary touches, this adds some equestrian flair in a very tasteful way.

Put a Snaffle Bit On it!

Bits—they’re not just for riding anymore. There are many creative ways you can use actual snaffle bits or emblems to give your home a touch of equestrian chic.

Mix Equestrian Items with Regular Decor

Don’t be afraid to put out your trophies, picture frames, and horsey trinkets mixed in with your other items. These pieces look great on bookshelves, bar carts, and everywhere in-between.

Lauren Mauldin

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