Springtime Supplements: 40 Years of Making a Difference in Health

BY TPH Staff

The secret to a business that has lasted decades in the horse world is consistent quality. Look around at other brands that have become institutions in our sport, and you will see a pattern of continuous improvement as well as a balance of adaptation to new ideas and methods. Through such innovations, they maintain the core of what makes the company great.

Springtime Supplements is no different. Now in its 40th year of operation, they still provide the same high quality horse, dog, and human supplements while keeping up with modern research and concerns like sustainability. 

Dennis Hampt’s beloved dog, Buddha.

Dennis Hampt founded Springtime in 1979 after working to help his own dog, an Akita named Buddha. Buddha suffered a broken leg as a puppy. As he matured, the leg deteriorated and by the age of seven, Buddha had reached a point where two different vets recommended that he be put down. But Dennis wasn’t ready to give up on his beloved dog. 

The effort to save Buddha launched Dennis into experimenting with natural foods, and he quickly saw results by introducing Bee Pollen. Not only did Buddha recover, but he regained the power and strength that he had in his prime. Buddha went on to live another five active years.  That discovery became the foundation of Springtime and their most popular product: Fresh Factors. 

Since then, Springtime has developed several other natural chewables and powders to improve the health of dogs, including its all-purpose powder formula, Longevity.

Through his interest in race horses, Dennis realized that the bee pollen supplement that helped Buddha might also help these high-performance horses. He taught the trainers about the many health benefits of bee pollen which include fast recovery, better stamina, and overall improved health. After trying it on their horses, the trainers were also convinced. 

Just Keep Swimming performs the best on Springtime Supplements. Photo courtesy of the Horn family.

From there, Dennis took the supplements from  stable to stable, selling directly to consumers, and spreading the word of the benefits of Springtime Supplements.  Later on, Springtime grew into an online business that has flourished through word of mouth and positive results.

Innovation has also been key to Springtime’s success. Dennis was committed to continually developing new formulas to help horses, dogs, and people live their best lives. In his commitment to giving animals the best, he uses the same high-quality ingredients across the board in all three categories.

Upon his retirement, Dennis sold Springtime to his protege, Kevin Edwards. Kevin has been with the company for over 20 years, moving from the factory to the front office, and knows the business inside and out. Kevin has continued to expand the range of natural supplements to help people and animals live naturally happy, healthy lives.

In addition to serving their clients, Springtime also cares about sustainability. Their Equine Omegas, made with Ahiflower Oil ® —of which they are the only US distributor—is sustainably grown and non-GMO. Ahiflower is a powerful plant source of balanced omega fatty acids, is a superior choice to fish oil, and has 4 times the power of flax. Because horses are herbivores they  aren’t meant to eat fish. Additionally, overfishing causes massive problems for marine life. Springtime strives to keep the earth as healthy as the animals and people who live on it.

Joey & Joellina Stewart, Photo © Credit Hoof Print Images

The active ingredients in Springtime Supplements include well-known substances like biotin and chondroitin, as well as beneficial but less common ingredients like spirulina, gamma oryzanol, and tienchi. Springtime’s dedication to finding what works and making it available for both humans and animals means they offer a wide variety of helpful supplements.

Springtime’s product range is one of the things that makes it a truly special company. Equestrians often have a pack of dogs they love just as much as the horses in the barn, and with Springtime they can get all the supplements they need to support their animals from one place. And because we also seem to think of ourselves last, Springtime has made it easy for us humans to get what we need to feel our best, all in one easy shopping experience.

Plus, all of Springtime’s products are made in-house in Cockeysville, Maryland. Consumers with questions can call the factory directly to speak with any of their  knowledgeable customer service representatives who can answer their questions and help them select the best option. The best part is that each and every one of them have either dogs or horses of their own, and they understand the importance of helping their furry-loved ones feel their best. 

Customers who use Springtime range from those competing on elite horses to everyday horse owners wanting to keep their friends comfortable in retirement, plus everyone in between. 

Threes A Charm maintains pony perfection with Springtime. Photo © Somerset Eq Photography

Trainer Peri Fitzpatrick has used Springtime products since the 1990s on a full range of horses. “I started using J-Flex Concentrate before everyone had a joint supplement,” she explained. “I chose it because Springtime was local. I could go buy it where it was made, and the folks there were extremely helpful,” she said. “We had a lease horse who had flipped through an oxer at a show up north and got pretty banged up. The J-Flex made such a big difference to her—that’s what sold me on it.”

Since then, Peri has put a large number of horses on various Springtime products. All 45 horses in her barn are on the Bug Off Garlic to keep them happy and free from bug bites. She also put one of her retired horses on Ahiflower Oil® to see if it would improve his quality of life. “I can honestly say it made a difference with him. His temperament improved and he clearly felt better,” Peri said. “Now we use it for a lot of our old-timers.”

Many of Peri’s horses are in their teens or early 20s, but they are still competing. “You’d have a hard time convincing them of how old they are,” she laughed. “They’re happy, they’re competitive. I attribute a lot of that to having them on Springtime products.” She also loves the Daily Calm supplement. “It’s great for the thoroughbreds,” she said. “I like that it’s a daily supplement. I find that more effective as a training aid.”

Peri’s long-standing relationship with Springtime goes beyond simply buying their products—she also coaches Kevin Edwards’s children. Through getting to know him and his company, she has only grown in her appreciation for how the business runs. “I’ve sent people who ride with me there to work because it’s a great company to work for,” Peri explained. “Kevin looks out for his employees and gives back to them. When the company does well, they do well.”

She sees this environment as part of what makes Springtime special, and describes everyone who works there as eager to please and a good listener. “They have been very convenient and easy to deal with,” she said.
Getting supplements from Springtime insures you’re giving the best ingredients for your animals and yourselves. You can shop confidently knowing the products are sustainably sourced, as well as produced by hard working, dedicated people in the United States. Horses, dogs, and humans can all benefit from a variety of products within the Springtime family of supplements. Check out their range of products today at springtime.com or call them at 800-521-3212. Plaid Horse readers can receive a 15% discount with Free Shipping when you use promo code PLAID19.