Mona Straub to Judge Salute to the Dog Creative Writing Contest

October 3, 2019–Just Fur Fun founder Mona Straub will serve as a judge in The Plaid Horse Salute to the Dog Writing Creative Contest for 2019. 

“This is a phenomenal thing The Plaid Horse has done,” Mona said. “People in the horse world love animals. Many of us have the same connection with and passion for dogs that we have with horses–and the dogs can hang out with us at home.”

Mona is the owner of Just Fur Fun, a shop with beautiful American-made collars, leashes, browbands, and more. She stepped away from her high-powered corporate career in 2011 to devote her life to animals and to inspiring other women in business. She donates a portion of profits to a variety of organizations, including those that benefit women in business and charities that help animals. She sits on the advisory council for the Florida Women in Business Center and on the board of the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida. Mona was the 2019 Pet Age Woman of Influence award recipient, granted annually to women who are influential in their communities.

Photo © Lauren Mauldin

Mona has a great many dog stories of her own, having fostered or adopted dozens in her life. She knows from personal experience how dogs change our perspectives and our lives. “I’d always said I didn’t want to foster senior dogs, but I wound up agreeing to foster one temporarily. When the veterinary cardiologist estimated that she had six months left to live, I decided I should just keep her for the rest of her life. That was three years ago, and she’s still with us–and now I foster senior dogs exclusively!”

The Salute to the Dog Writing Contest gives writers and readers the opportunity to consider the variety of ways dogs come into, change, and leave our lives. “The dogs we’re supposed to have find us; we don’t find them,” Mona said. “They’re living animals with feelings and a desire to make a connection with us. The writing contest gives us the chance to really think about the connection between people and dogs and how they change us as humans.”

The $1250 Salute to the Dog Writing Contest winning story, essay, and emerging authors piece will be published in a 2019-2020 edition of The Plaid Horse Magazine. Each winner will receive a cash prize and a copy of the magazine in which their work appears.