Lascaux Equestrian: Pursue Your Excellence


I am the opposite of a fashionista. My everyday wardrobe consists of jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts—maybe a sweater if I want to look fancy. My idea of doing makeup is putting on mascara, and my hair is forever in a ponytail or braid and a baseball cap. 

In the saddle, however, it’s a different story. I love equestrian fashion. Different styles of sun shirts, fun vests, sweaters and breeches is what speaks to me. If I can coordinate my outfit with my horse’s saddle pad? Even better.

When I first saw Lascaux Equestrian on social media, I instantly loved their designs and use of fun colors with subtle hints of plaid. When I finally got my hands on their apparel, I fell in love even more.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

I brought home their Quilted vest in deep purple, softshell vest in bayberry for cooler Alaska days, their Elaina SS 1/4 Zip in Radiant Orchid and the Holly Hacking shirt in Aqua Sky for warmer temps (Seriously, it does get hot here, we had one 90* day this year!). Added in my box of goodies was a baseball hat, which was quickly added to my rotation, and a black shopping bag.

Though I love sunshirts, I get frustrated on how thin the fabric can be. Throwing my horse hay always became a concern as it will stick to the fabric, and I fear pilling or wear. I also don’t like it when your bra shows through the thin fabric on lighter colors. But with Lascaux, none of these issues are a problem. 

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

The fabrics are very breathable, lightweight and cool, but it’s more than an athletic fabric often found in gym clothes. Lascaux fabric is ready for the wear and tear of life in a barn, and thick enough so no undergarments are visible. The plaid details on my Holly hacking shirt are really fun, and give the shirt some pop while still being subtle enough for schooling at a show or wearing in a clinic. 

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

The Elaina Short Sleeve is easily the nicest polo shirt I own. It stretches and moves with me better than any other athletic type of polo shirt I have had in the past. Their fabrics are so soft, they are great for wearing outside of the barn too! My favorite detail on both shirts is the plaid inside the collar and on the inside bottom of the shirts. It’s a subtle detail that sets Lascaux apart from other equestrian apparel.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

Vests are a big part of my life in Alaska. They are great for layering, and as any equestrian knows, they are perfect for staying warm without a ton of bulk on your arms when you ride. One of my biggest frustrations with other equestrian vests is that they run long in the front, so the zipper rubs on my saddle. The Lascaux vests are tailored perfectly so there is no rubbing or issues while I ride. 

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

I have always had puffy quilted style vests, so I was excited to check out their softshell vest. I was looking for something warm, without the bulk, and it delivered. It is beautifully tailored, and has very well designed pockets that don’t add any bulk. The vest layered perfectly under a jacket while I tacked up, then was the ideal layer for riding on a fall day. 

Their quilted vest was also a great choice. It is super warm without being overly bulky. It also had a nice soft lining to the collar. There is plaid detail along the inside of the zipper, as well as the bottom of the vest, for a little pop of something special. 

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

For this equestrian fashionista, the Lascaux shirts and vests were a perfect addition to my barn wardrobe. The quality of the materials was great and the tailoring had amazing function in the barn. The subtle plaid details make their apparel just as beautiful as it is functional.

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