Uvex Helmets: For Beautiful Style and the Perfect Fit

Photo by Mareish Media.

BY TPH Staff

I love to look my best when I’m competing. While my cute riding outfit may not help Mo jump better, we likely ride better when we feel confident in how we look going into the ring.

A critical component for both rider turnout and safety is the helmet. Recently, I got the helmet of my dreams: a Uvex Suxxeed Luxury in navy. Let me tell you—it’s everything I could have ever wanted and then some.

Photo by Victoria Lockwood Photography

It’s a beautiful helmet. I’ve never been a huge one for bling, but the subtle crystals in the frame are just enough to catch the light and add something special. I love that this model has a leather top, but my good friend and eventing professional, Alyssa Peterson of ALP Eventing, has the Glamour version with a glittery top that perfectly suits her personality. I love that it’s navy, which is my favorite color and looks great with all my jackets and sun shirts. I’m also a big fan of the leather chin strap. It’s such a nice, classy touch.

Alyssa Peterson sporting her Uvex Suxxeed Glamour. Photo by Mareish Media.

What’s more important, however, is the customizable fit that makes it safe and comfortable. A helmet that doesn’t fit properly isn’t safe. We know that not every rider has the same head shape, so Uvex has helmets for every shape and size. After you find the right size, you can customize your helmet fit to the millimeter with the IAS 3D system. 

The rep I worked with to fit my helmet had me loosen the dial in the back completely, put the helmet on, and then tighten it so the width is perfect. But an extra adjustment that makes a real difference with Uvex is the ability to change the height as well. With an easy-to-use ratchet closure inside, you can adjust accordingly. When the helmet feels secure after adjusting, gently shake your head with the chin strap open—the helmet shouldn’t move.

The r-strap joint of the chin strap should fit comfortably around the ears, and is also adjustable by the uvex IAS 3D system. The length of the chin strap can also be adjusted in just one simple step to ensure the proper fit—two fingers between the chin and the chin strap. Even the chin strap closure is well designed. It can be closed with one hand (you know it’s secure when you hear the click) for a great, safe design.

Alyssa Peterson rocking her Uvex helmet and sunglasses. Photo by Mareish Media.

Because it’s been hot lately, I also love that the liner is removable and machine washable. The outer shell is easy to spruce up with a little bit of water and a rag so it looks good as new even after a ride in the rain or the dust.

My good friend, trainer Christopher Webb of Allswell Farm, loves his Uvex helmets too. In fact, I first became familiar with them through him. “My Uvex helmets are so comfortable and super stylish. I love the way they fit,” he said. “They’re very trendy, and so sophisticated for all disciplines.”

Christopher Webb schooling in his Uvex helmet. Photo by Mareish Media.

Uvex sells beautiful riding gloves as well. The PU material used in the gloves ensures a great grip, even if the reins get wet. They have a range from sporty to glam and even have gloves to keep your hands warm in the winter. Like their helmet liners, the gloves are also machine washable.

The Uvex Suxxeed Luxury helmet retails for $479. You can check out other equestrian helmets at Uvex, including options for schooling helmets and styes that work in every ring. With their limitless possibilities for fit and style, Uvex has the helmet for you.

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