5 Equestrian games you should try

Games that feature horse riding as a main gameplay element are typically limited to medieval and fantasy RPGs, while games that revolve almost entirely around horses are even rarer still. It’s a sad state of affairs for horse lovers! Fortunately, we’ve managed to put together a handful of games that feature horses as a core game element, so get ready to saddle up and strap on your boots in these 5 equestrian games you should try!

Riding Club Championships

Riding Club Championships is a PC port of a mobile game of the same name. As a free-to-play game, there are a lot of microtransactions that mostly revolve around replenishing your horse’s ‘energy’ to do more activities, if you don’t feel like waiting for your horse’s stamina to recover over time.

The gameplay is mostly focused on online competitions, where you’ll be able to compete in barrel racing, pole bending, show jumping, and more. There is also a “course editor” which allows you to create your own obstacle courses, then upload them to the game for other players to vote on.

The gameplay isn’t very complicated, as most actions are performed with just a few keyboard and mouse buttons, but timing is important. You’ll need to shorten and lengthen your horse’s strides to conserve their energy over longer courses and bigger obstacles, properly timing jumps, and the like.

Scudamore’s Super Stakes

Fans of horse racing and online slot machines will love this 5 reel, 20 payline slot game. It pays tribute to the great horse racing champion, Peter Scudamore. The gameplay is visually set on a horse racing track, and the reels feature symbols like A, K, Q, and J royals, 4 different jockeys, and horses, each with different payouts. Peter Scudamore himself is the wild symbol, and he’ll replace all symbols (except the scatter) as the Bet Slip symbols.

Once the featured gameplay starts, all 4 horses are put onto the racing course, and free spins will play out the race itself. Once you have a winning combination, the horse relevant to the winning symbols will advance in the horse race. The horse that advances 4 times first will win the race. This adds a great element of not only spinning the reels, but actually placing a bet on the winning horse, as a side-game.
You can play Scudamore’s Super Stakes and other great horse-themed slot machines (like Fire Horse) on Casumo.com.

Star Stable

Star Stable is a nice horse-raising MMORPG, primarily intended towards a younger female audience (you literally cannot create male characters). The graphics are quite beautiful, with gorgeous lush landscapes for you to ride around in. There are a lot of quests for you to undertake, even stable chores you can perform to earn money in the game (for grooming and upgrading your horse, of course).

Overall, it’s a simple, kid-friendly MMORPG that should appeal to every little girl’s dream of owning a pony. Whether you just want to go on a quiet trail ride, participate in races, or interact with other players in the game and show off your fancy horse customizations, its pretty much all possible in Star Stable.

Horse Riding Tales

Horse Riding Tales could be considered somewhat of a Star Stable clone, right down to the fact that you cannot create boy characters in the game. As a free-to-play game, it can be extremely tedious to grind up in-game currency for horse upgrades, and many customization options are locked behind premium purchased. But of course, that’s the state of most free-to-play games.

Gameplay mainly revolves around taming horses, caring for them, and riding around the landscape looking beautiful.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games’ epic western adventure is the largest open-world map ever created by Rockstar Games, and you get to traverse the majority of it on your trusty steed. While Red Dead Redemption 2 is primarily an action-adventure game with a lot of missions and side quests, taking care of your horse plays an important role in the game.
There are a lot of different horses in the game you can buy or tame in the wild. Bonding with your horse through various activities, and new horse abilities will become unlocked. Red Dead Redemption 2 has also been highly praised for its online multiplayer mode, and you can bet your bottom dollar that horse races are a part of the experience.