Meaningful Gift Ideas for People Who Love Horses and Adventure

Photo by Fernando Puente on Unsplash

The ability to give a great gift to a loved one can be tricky. Finding something that balances both meaningful and exciting is not for the faint of heart. Before you start searching for horse-themed products on the internet, why not start with knowing what matters to the person you are giving a gift to? Here are three solid gift ideas you can use or help get started.

A Trip Involving Horses

If you have come to this site before, you know that there are plenty of vacations with horse riding involved. Some of the best locations include Mongolia, Nepal, Bolivia, and Argentina. Riding horses through a foreign land can be a life-changing experience. However, paying for one of these vacations for a gift may be out of reach to finance yourself. A great gift would be to contribute to some sort of savings fund. If the gift you are giving is for a big event, like a wedding or graduation, there are websites specifically set up for bigger gifts like a vacation.

Foreign trips are not the only way to vacation with horses either. Find places near your own location that have horse activities. While an internet search can help you find something closer to home, there are plenty of great places to ride horses around the world.

Donate to an Equine-based Therapy Foundation

A great way to celebrate the love of horses is to share it. Horse-therapy is used many places to help children and adults with emotional and behavior challenges. Some of the benefits seen from equine therapy are:

  • Emotional awareness
  • Dealing with stress
  • Impulse control
  • Independence
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-actualization
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility
  • Interpersonal relationships

This therapy is done through learning to care for and ride horses. The self-confidence and skills that come from working with horses doesn’t surprise most horse lovers. Donating to a cause that is near and dear to the heart of the receiver is a great way to honor their passions. If you have the connections with an equine therapist, you can even help arrange for their participation at a specific stable for a day where they can see up close how that donation is used. Here are some horse therapy charities that have good reputations.

Make It Personal

Take an ordinary item and give it a special spin to make it extra meaningful. From halters, tags, and stall plates to duffel bags, hats, and keychains, there are all kinds of items you can personalize with embroidery and engraving. You can choose to honor your loved one or their horse with this item. Either way, you will be letting them know how much you listen and care about their life. Some examples of a great gift include:

  • An item engraved or embroidered with the name of their horse or a past horse
  • Frame a sentimental picture of your loved one winning a competition, an artistic portrait of the person with their horse, or any other special moment.
  • Their name on a new saddle bag

If there are any special interests that your loved one has, use something that represents it and find a way to make it personal. 

Put in the Effort

The idea behind “it’s the thought that matters” highlights the point that what makes a present special is the thought and effort put into a gift. Most people just want to know that they were thought of and understood. No matter what gift you decide on, be sure it shows those qualities. Using these criteria for gift buying and you will always find the right gift, no matter the occasion.

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