Horse Racing: One of the Many Different Gambles


From slots to horse racing: Why are people so drawn to gambling and betting, and what options are available to people?

Why is horse racing a skill-based gambling and what is chance-based gambling?

It should come as no surprise that people love gambling. In fact, as far as we can trace our civilized history, we can find people who love gambling. So whether you are interested in learning more about skill-based gambling or would like to know about platinum play by Top10CasinoReviews, we are going to tell you a little something about gambling that you might not know.

When we look at gambling, it is possible to categorize them into two types: skill-based games and chance-based games. Even though skill-based games still hinge on luck, chance plays a much more significant role in chance-based games.

All about skill-based gambling

It sounds straightforward enough, but skill-based gambling relies on techniques and betting strategies that are based on related knowledge. The player’s behavior and decisions can play a role in getting the win in skill-based gambling.

The difference with skill-based games is that you, as a player, often benefit from having experience in playing the game. You can use strategies and techniques to increase your odds of winning. It will come in handy if you learn as much as possible about any sport you are about to bet on. In horse betting such criteria like horse breed and age, result on previous races may not seem essential by themselves, but together they raise your chances to make the right choice. 

It is important that as with any form of gambling, the outcome of the game is not in the hands of the player. It is still gambling, meaning that you are still reliant on a chance to win.

What are examples of these types of games?

· Sports betting

· Horse betting

If the gambling player has experience about how to place their bets, about the horses, or about the players themselves, they have a decided advantage. It is not possible to affect the outcome once the bet is placed.

Betting on horse races can be one of the most exciting things in the world when it comes to different forms of gambling. The actual race itself often does not take very long, and there are several races in a day. This means that you have several options to bet and often have different classes that you can bet on. This means that there are various options for just about anyone who wants to play.

If you happen to know more about the horse of the jockey, know about the streak that they are on, or even how they are able to perform in specific terrain or weather conditions, you are increasing your chances of getting the win. The experts also advise taking a closer look at a horse that ranked second in the previous race and will take part in the race with the same jockey. It is believed that jockey will have better chances to win with a familiar horse, which strengths and weaknesses are already known. 

However, you are still betting on a live animal and have no way of controlling the outcome, but you are able to bet in such a way that you have all the necessary information. This is going to allow for much smart betting decisions.

Understand the big horse races and win big

Surely enough, breed and age all come into play, but one thing that you must not miss out on is the type of event you are betting on. Horse racing and betting on its outcome is considered a skill-based form of gambling specifically because it takes many criteria into consideration.

The race track is one of those criteria. In the Triple Crown, all three events are fairly evenly matched in terms of distance bar one. The Belmont Stakes for example stretch some 2,400 metres and if you are wondering why this should matter, it means you are not approaching horse betting from a position of a skilled punter.

Put simply, The Belmont Stakes is at least 400 metres longer than any of the two other events and stamina can definitely be an issue. Some horses burst and completely outpace rivals in the first kilometre and a half, but they struggle in the final kilometre. Stamina is a particularly touchy subject and that’s why some bettors look at how the runner-up and other placements to determine if a horse wouldn’t be able to tap into extra energy reserves and finish the 2,400-metre stretch during the Belmont Stakes.

Of course, this is just one example. The Melbourne Cup and the Royal Ascot are worlds of their own. The truth is, a skilled horse bettor will always spend sufficient time following the ponies throughout the season to make the best bets.

How to bet smartly on horse races

One thing you must be absolutely vigilant about is the pole position. Strangely enough the inner and outer-most pole positions are the ones who win the most. Of course, there are a few variations depending on the event, but for the most part this holds true.

In other words, you can significantly increase your chances of turning a horse bet successful if you just look at the race set-up. There is sufficient time to decide whether you want to be once you have seen the starter’s positions, so don’t worry about missing out.

Apart from the positions, though, there is a lot of great betting opportunities in the betting options themselves. Horse racing can be scary because it introduces a variety of new and exotic bets, but once you read through the definitions, Trifecta, Quinella and Exacta are suddenly not as outré as you might think.

Still, the Show bet is perhaps the best and safest wager, although the returns there are fairly small and admittedly most skilled horse bettors avoid it.

Play these card games relying on skill alone 

· Pai gow

· Blackjack

· Poker

It is possible to use techniques and strategies to gain an edge when playing or attempting to win a hand. The player’s behavior and decisions often are based on the behavior and decisions made by other players. This ensures that you have more control than with pure chance games. However, there is still a house advantage for the casino that no system or experience is going to remove.

Part of the problem with this type of gambling is the fact that players sometimes attribute too much skill or influence on their abilities. They assume that they are going to be able to beat the system and be able to outsmart the casino. In this case, it is important to be aware of the fact that luck is still an important factor.

All about chance-based gambling

When playing chance-based gambling, the outcome of the game is based on random events, thus making the game outcomes uncertain. There is no way to influence or affect the game and whether or not they end up winning.

What are examples of these types of games?

· Scratch’n win tickets

· Keno

· 50/50 raffles

Popular casino variants:

· Most table games (baccarat, roulette)

· Bingo

· Progressive bonus games

· Slot machines

With chance-based gambling, the order of bets, the timing of bets, the history of the table, or machine, the location or the dealer does not affect the outcome. Every single play is random and independent from the last.

There are many different examples, styles, venues, and forms of chance-based gambling, but they all have one thing in common: each player has an equal chance of winning at all times. One of the pitfalls for players in this particular form of gambling is the fact that sometimes assumes that they have ‘figured out’ the system and are thus able to determine what is happening next – when, in fact, the games themselves are based solely on chance.

The conclusion

Gambling is a part of the human experience, and we love to wager one just about anything. However, there are different variations of the games and ideas that we play. By knowing what we play, we ensure that we always have a good understanding of what we are getting into.

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