10 Reasons to Love Springtime Supplements


By TPH Staff

Springtime Supplements is a long-standing institution in the horse world. Celebrating 40 years in business is no small feat, but Springtime does so many things so well that it’s no wonder they’re still going strong. In honor of Springtime’s birthday, here are 10 things we love about this supplement company:

1. It’s a Small Business

We’ve all heard it: shop small. Local businesses are the backbones of their communities. If you want to make a difference with your money, shopping small is the way to do it. But it’s about more than that! When you buy from Springtime, you’re dealing with people who know every product inside and out. Many of them have been part of the company for decades, and they put customer service first. 

2. They Serve Horses, Dogs, and People

We want the best for our animals, but also deserve the best for ourselves. Good thing that Springtime has us covered. No matter what species they’re made for, their products contain only the highest quality ingredients for maximum nutritional benefit and palatability. You, your dog, and your horse can all benefit from supplements like bee pollen and joint support. Because Springtime formulates their supplements specifically for each species, you can’t go wrong.

3. Free Shipping at $75 (or with the Plaidcast Promo Code – PLAID19)

With all of the nutritional supplements you need for yourself, your human family, plus your horses and dogs, it’s not hard to take advantage of their free shipping offer at $75 (although their prices are quite reasonable). But if you just want to try something out, no problem—you can get free shipping and 15% off with code PLAID19 at checkout.

4. Free Stuff 

Are you committed to Springtime and ordering lots of supplements at a time? They want to reward you. At your first $150, you get to pick a full-size item from their list to add on for free. Then for every $125 over $250 you spend, you get to pick another item. If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is!

5. Innovative Products

If you’re someone who likes to be on the front lines of trying new things, Springtime Supplements is the company for you. Their team is continually developing new formulas and products to meet the needs of their customers, both two- and four-legged. You can be assured that they’re always working to ensure their products are the best available.

6. Rigorous Testing Process

Springtime has a vigorous testing process for all of their products. They send all of their raw materials to accredited labs to be tested for quality, purity, and safety. The labs use a wide variety of testing methods to check for contaminants, pesticides, and more. If you’re concerned about the ingredients your competition horse is consuming, rest assured that Springtime Supplements is engaging in top-notch quality control for every supplement.

Photo courtesy of Springtime Supplements

7. Top-Quality Ingredients

Not only are their ingredients tested, but they’re also made from the highest quality available. Springtime sources their ingredients carefully, to ensure  that the nutrients are bioavailable and that their health benefits aren’t lost during processing.

8. Ahiflower® Oil

This ingredient gets its own entry for a reason: you can only get it through Springtime Supplements. Ahiflower® oil is a new plant-based omega-3-6-9 oil that comes from seeds of a plant whose botanical name is Buglossoides arvensis. Ahiflower® oil has a similar consistency to flaxseed or camelina oils, but it is much more biologically active due to its unique omega-3-6-9 fatty acid composition. Ahiflower® oil is vegan (not from fish), non-GMO, and fully traceable to the farms where the oilseed crop was grown. Available in formulations for humans and horses, Ahiflower® oil benefits skin, hair, joint mobility, and supports a healthy immune system.

9.  Transparency

Springtime Supplements wants you to know what is in their products as well as understand what every ingredient does. They go beyond listing active and inactive ingredients on the labels and provide a comprehensive glossary of everything that’s included in all of their products. So if you see a word you don’t recognize on an ingredients list and you’re not sure why it’s there, you can find out more about it. You’ll know exactly what you’re feeding your animals and yourself, and that comes with a lot of security.

10. Top-Notch Customer Service

Finally, all of Springtime’s products are made in-house in Cockeysville, Maryland. Consumers with questions can call the factory directly to speak with any of their knowledgeable customer service representatives, all of whom have dogs or horses themselves, who can answer their questions and help them select the best option for you and your animal pals. 

If you want to come up with your own reasons to love Springtime Supplements, and there are many more, go to springtime.com or 800-521-3212 today, and use code PLAID19 for 15% off and free shipping on your order.