TPH Review: URGO Beauty Mineral Makeup

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mauldin


Makeup. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine equestrians, but if there is one thing I know about hunter/jumper riders it’s that we’re a classy group of folks. While we don’t mind schlepping around the barn with horse slobber all over our clothes, we also know how to clean up. For some of us (including me), that means makeup.

When it comes to makeup and skin care, I’m as picky with the products that I put on my face as I am with my horse’s grooming regime. I stick to high quality, upscale brands and lean towards natural products since I have sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts. While I’ve got my favorite lipstick and highlighter on lockdown, it’s a constant struggle to find the perfect foundation. Some have no coverage, others feel like a layer of chalk plastered over my face. 

The biggest problem I have is with my combination skin. My cheeks get incredibly dry, but my T-zone and chin are super oily. If I use a foundation with enough moisturizer for my cheeks, I feel like an oil slick halfway through the day. On the flipside, if I go too dry my face looks parched. 

Having dealt with this issue for years, I was excited to try URGO Beauty’s foundation. Their two-part formula is something I’ve never encountered before. Each foundation shade comes as a pair; one formula is designed to soak-up the oil on your problem areas, and the other is light and moisturizing. The two blend together seamlessly, and leave you with a face ready for a long day at work, the barn or wherever! 

No foundation, step one applied, step two applied and blended. Photo courtesy of Lauren Mauldin

I would classify the foundation as medium coverage. Step one, the formula meant for the oily parts of your face, is a bit thicker than its counterpart, but both are build-able—meaning that you can add a bit extra over problem areas or if you feel like a little more coverage on any given day. Since I like heavier coverage, I built a bit up with my beauty blender until I had the right amount for me. After applying, I used my normal setting powder as well as my bronzer, blush and highlight. All the products worked well together, and I walked out the house feeling confident about my skin. 

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mauldin

At the end of the day, I found that my oily areas were much more matte with URGO Beauty foundation than they were with my regular product. Even better was that after several days in a row of wearing the makeup, I had no breakouts. This is probably due to the premium ingredients that go into the foundation. It is paraben free, non-comedogenic, gluten free, and vegan. It’s not tested on animals either, which means animal lovers can feel good about their purchase. 

The URGO Beauty collection is currently offered in eight different shades. For those having a hard time deciding which is best, they offer sample sizes to help you choose your perfect match. I recommend this, because I ended up going with a shade darker than I thought I would need based off the website photos. Plus, you can use the sample as the perfect travel size! 

Photo courtesy of URGO Beauty

If you end up using one formula more than the other, or don’t need step one for oily skin, URGO sells all of their shades either as a set or individually. That way you can buy exactly what you need for your skin type, when you need it.

To learn more about URGO Beauty and shop their makeup collection, visit or follow them on Instagram.  

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