Sergio Grasso Offers a New EcoRiding Line & More for the Modern Rider


EcoRiding: the feel of leather, the performance of microfiber.

Leather, wool coats, velvet helmets—these have all been staples in equestrian attire for centuries. For a sport steeped in tradition, it makes sense that the overall look has remained unchanged for so long. Still, modern equestrians have found ways to innovate. We’ve traded our hot, velvet helmets for vented models with improved safety features. The wool coats have been replaced with moisture wicking fabric that flexes as we move. As the sport evolves, attire reflects treating the rider as an athlete while still respecting the tradition of the sport. Nobody understands that better than Sergio Grasso.

Their new EcoRiding line offers a sustainable line of products made with innovative, high performance synthetic materials. These alternative fibers have the same luxurious look and feel as classic leather. Vegan and vegetarian riders will be excited about boots that are free from animal products, but the EcoRiding line is important for everyone. It’s a way to make a sustainable choice for our planet while still enjoying attractive, high quality riding attire.

What makes the EcoRiding line important? Moving away from animal products is becoming more and more prevalent as manufacturers look to sustainable materials. For riders who adopt “Meatless Mondays” or a vegetarian/vegan diet, reducing consumption of leather goods is a great way to support green initiatives. Synthetic leather does not have to be tanned in order to get a soft feel, a process that can lead to harmful chemicals like chromium finding their way back into the environment. By choosing a synthetic option like the EcoRiding line, you’re supporting a movement that will benefit the long term health of our planet.

Just like the other boots in Sergio Grasso’s collection, the vegan EcoRiding products have the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail as their leather boots. Using different microfibers for the exterior calf, insole and inner lining results in a production process that rivals any leather boot on the market while being in compliance with environmental initiatives. The special microfiber used for the paddock boots and gaiters is V Label certified, the official seal of the European Vegetarian Union. It is 100% waterproof, and perfectly breathable. To maintain a sleek, shining appearance, the material is abrasion resistant as well as antibacterial for those sweaty, summer rides. The paddock boot’s interior is just as well constructed as its exterior. With lining and insole made of the latest generation of microfibers, it eliminates internal moisture thus improving the health, comfort and hygiene of your feet.

The EcoRiding collection also has the innovative “Quick and Easy” fastening system to instantly attach the half chaps to paddock boots using non-visible press studs. This functional update to classic style was selected for the Spoga Innovation Award in 2019. All of the Sergio Grasso paddock boot styles combine the careful selection and use of alternative, advanced and certified materials integrated perfectly with Sergio Grasso’s ongoing search for new stylistic, sustainable and functional solutions.

Inclusive Boots with Endless Customization Options

Equally as exciting as their EcoRiding collection, Sergio Grasso is also pleased to focus on the SG Everyone line. These boots, made from traditional Nappa leather, are available at an attractive price point for every kind of rider. They also make an accessible option for new equestrians looking to achieve an important milestone—purchasing their first pair of tall boots. With comfortable leather and non-slip Vibram soles, these boots are a safe and inclusive option for the budget-minded rider.

Just because the Everyone collection is affordable, doesn’t mean it skips out on details. They have the same craftsmanship that Sergio Grasso is known for, and is now available with six new custom boot tops that allow every rider to express their unique style and personality.

This movement to customization details can be seen throughout the company’s exquisite tall boots. Offering a wide range of options, customers can get the perfect boots to reflect their personality with color, material, pattern and more. Create an original designed boot that’s perfect for you! The most unique of all of Sergio Grasso’s customization options is the new SG Top Sign. You can engrave your name on the boot topper or decorate with bright Swarovski crystals. Whether blending in with a subtle touch or making it impossible to go unnoticed with an extravagant design, they can make the perfect option for your dream tall boot.

Sergio Grasso is committed to innovation across the board from their vegan EcoRiding boots to offering the latest modern customization trends. They show that companies with a history steeped in tradition can still move forward in sustainable, fashionable ways that every kind of rider can appreciate.

Wear your Freedom! The Freedom Johdpur (SG 81100), from Sergio Grasso’s new EcoRiding line is inspired by the pure pleasure of riding in connection with the environment. With a scratch resistant finish, soft microfiber lining, an anatomic cotton fiber insole, and Vibram non-slip outsole it’s the style and performance you love from vegan derived materials.