British Eventing Boldly Moving into 2020

Few countries in the world are as dedicated to the equestrian sport as Great Britain, but even on the island, things are not looking as good for horse aficionados as they used to back in the day. The number of people interested in horse riding is dropping by the day, and everyone is looking at British Eventing to resolve the issue.

As part of the national federation for equestrian sport and the main governing body for all eventing in GB, BE has been under significant pressure in recent months. 2019 was a tough year, which saw the number of BE members significantly drop, and a great overspend compared to the budget resulted.

All the numbers were presented at BE’s AGM, which took place on November 24th, 2019. The 2019 figures may seem bleak, but the meeting was a productive one with many new ideas and plans presented. We take a close look at why equestrian sport in GB is dropping in interest, what its main problems are and what BE is doing to rectify the situation in 2020.

Equestrian Sport and Gambling

It is well known that a big part of the interest in horse riding in Great Britain comes from the gambling aspect of the sport. Horse races were, for a long time, one of the best ways for Brits to get their gamble in, and it is not a secret that most Brits love an occasional gamble.

With that in mind, gambling modernization is likely one of the main reasons that equestrian organizations are seeing a drop in recent years. With more and more different gambling methods introduced, horse race betting is becoming less appealing to many, especially among the younger generations.

A big part of it is, of course, that it takes quite a bit of proficiency to do well with horse race betting, while games that can be played for money online, such as roulette, can be easily learned quickly at sites like

All this is not to say that gambling is the only reason people are interested in horses, but those at BE recognize the importance of betting on the sport as such and that horse racing will need to modernize if it is to remain competitive with other forms of entertainment and gambling.

The Sport of Eventing Itself

Eventing itself, aside from horse races, is a sport that is mostly engaged in by those who are truly in love with horses. The problem with eventing is that it is more of a hobby than a professional sport, and a modern-day lifestyle often makes it challenging to dedicate the time and commitment needed to compete.

Despite the dropping interest and numbers, BE is dedicated to bringing eventing back to its former glory in GB, and it is currently devising strategies to do so. 2020 is likely to be a fairly big year for eventing, with specific changes and improvements introduced to liven things up.

Medical and Social Media Policies First on Agenda

The first announcement by BE for 2020 that is meant to help improve the quality of eventing in BG is the improved medical and social media policies for the sport as a whole. The organization now expects paramedics with proper trauma training to be present at events 30 minutes before the start of dressage, and this will be a requirement at all events come 2021. Other new rules are related to social media usage by those related to events designed to promote the sport in a regulated fashion better.

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