How to Bet on the Cheltenham Gold Cup 2020


Second only to the Grand National in terms of prize and popularity, the Cheltenham Gold Cup is one of the biggest races on the UK National Hunt Racing calendar. Chief among the 28 races at the glamorous Cheltenham Festival, the Gold Cup has a rich history with a roll of honour that features some of the best racehorses ever to grace racecourses.

It’s no wonder that millions are placed in bets on the Cheltenham Gold Cup every year. Open to bet on way before March when the race takes place, UK punters are very keen on betting on the famous horse race. Even though we’re some time off the race, the odds for 2020 are already out. Al Boum Photo tops the list at 4/1 in front of Kemboy @ 7/1 and Clan Des Obeaux and Lostintranslation with odds of 8/1. If you ask experts, Lostintranslation is quite a good pick and one of the horses that could dethrone last year’s champion Al Boum Photo. 

Of course, this means nothing in the world of horse race betting – we’ve seen long odds win one too many times. The Gold Cup has been won by horses priced 20/1 or worse several times and a good punter will know a good bet when he sees one. Full updates of all Cheltenham betting offers can easily be found online if you’re planning to bet on the race. We strongly recommend trying it out – it’s fun and exciting and might end up being nicely profitable.

What Can I Bet On?

If you’re new to the world of horse racing, you might be a bit confused to see all the different types of bets. There’s plenty of value in betting on the favourite, but even more in exotic bets. The most common type of bet most punters place is the Win bet. As the name suggests, it’s a bet that allows you to select the horse you think will win the race.

The Win bet is part of the three Straight bets which also include Place and Show. Place bets mean that your horse should end up first or second, while Show bets require your horse to place on any of the top 3 spots. With those out of the way, we can move to the exotic bets.

This is where things get interesting. Although Straight bets can be profitable, exotic bets are where the real money lies. The Daily Double is one bet that can make you a killing on the Gold Cup 2020. It allows you to pick the winner of two races in a row, and with 28 races during the Cheltenham Festival, there are plenty of options to pick from.

Ever heard of the trifecta? It’s a pari-mutuel bet derived from the perfecta, a type of bet that allows you to predict the two horses that will pass the finish line first and second. The trifecta adds another horse to the equation – you essentially predict the first three horses that will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Of course, the probability of winning these bets is much lower, but the payout is sky-high.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can go for the superfecta bet. A winning superfecta correctly identifies the first four finishers in a single race in the exact order. If you don’t think you can predict the horses to place at the exact spots, you can use boxed bets as an alternative. These bets allow you to pick the horses you believe are headed for a top-2, top-3 or top-4 finish which is much easier than getting them right in the correct order. 

As you can see, there are plenty of bets on offer for the Cheltenham Gold Cup 2020. You still have plenty of time to come up with a strategy that will make you a winner in March.

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