The Comprehensive Dictionary of Horse Terms for Non-Equestrians

Photo © Carly Nasznic

The equestrian world is one with an intense vocabulary. We have horse breeds, tons of different tack, jumps and divisions and more. It’s a lot for anyone to take in—especially our non-equestrian friends, parents and spouses.

Let’s be honest, some of our vocabulary doesn’t make a lot of sense. Here we have a complete array of definitions to bridge the gap between equestrians and the outside world.

Photo © Carly Nasznic

Ankle Savers
noun (plural): “Generic term for horse boots” — submitted by Amy D

Belly Belt
noun: “Girth” — submitted by Rebecca L
Synonyms: Belly band

Circle of Death
proper noun: “The show ring” — submitted by Meredith S-K

Drunk Trail Riding
noun: “Fox Hunting” — submitted by Stephanie P

Ear Balls
noun: “Ear pomms” — submitted by Denise N-F

Ear Bras
noun (plural): “Bonnets” — submitted by Cat E
Synonyms: Horse hats, Horse Yarmulke (submitted by Leigh-Ann W-K)

Expensive Dirt
noun: “Footing” — submitted by Lee S

Fancy Feet Supremes
proper noun: “Saddlebreds” — submitted by Allison S

Fashion Show
noun: “A flat class” — submitted by Amy D

Flack Jacket
noun: “Safety Vest” — submitted by Kristi B

Foot Helmets
noun: “Bell boots” — submitted by Kristin H
Synonyms: Shifter Boots (submitted by Joy B), Plungers (submitted by Alayna J)

noun: “Forelock” — submitted by Nicku B

Photo © Carly Nasznic

Get Naked
verb: “Take horse blankets off” — submitted by Alix F

Go Go Stick
noun: “Crop” — submitted by Milissa S
Synonyms: Punishment Utensil (submitted by Meghan H), Horse Poker (submitted by Anne F)

Horse Cobbler
noun: “Farrier” — submitted by Britt G

Horse Corset
noun: “Belly band” — submitted by Milissa S

noun: “Lead rope” — Janet R

Leg Warmers
noun: “Polo wraps” — submitted by Jessica R
Synonyms: Horse Socks (submitted by Lily B)

noun: “Bale of Hay” — submitted by Alexis T

noun: “Hooves” — submitted by Alexis T

noun: “Martingale” — submitted by Jacquie M

Noggin Protector
noun: “Helmet” — submitted by Hercules B

Non-Legal Road Transportation
noun: “A Horse” — submitted by Jenifer S
Synonym: Money pit (submitted by Dana B)

Photo © Carly Nasznic

Pea Green
adjective: “Pre-Green” — submitted by Liz H

noun: “Stirrup Irons” — submitted by Alexis S

Pony Uggs
noun: “Sheepskin lined boots” — submitted by Sarah S

Riding Rink
noun: “Riding arena” — submitted by McKenzie G

Seat Bounced
verb: “To be jumped out of the tack” — submitted by Amy D

Shutter Step
verb: “To chip into a fence” — submitted by Amy D

noun: “A flake of hay” — submitted by Kate M

verb: “To scrape off a horse after a bath” — submitted by Julia B

noun: “Horse blankets” — submitted by Alie C
Synonyms: Jackets, PJs, Coats

Water Pit
noun: “Liverpool” — submitted by Amy D

noun: “The ring drag” — submitted by Janet R

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