Celebs Love CBD: How Cannabidol is Reaching Hollywood’s Largest Stars

As technology and resources continue to evolve, the methods used to heal people also change. Lately, PCR Hemp Oil has been leading the revolution towards natural healing practices, with many documented cases of success. Cannabidol, or CBD, is being endorsed by the likes of natural care professionals, patients, and even celebrities.

With the ability to influence the masses via social media outlets, celebrities are at the forefront of setting trends. Acting as ambassadors, celebrities use their prestige to tell the general public about what products to use, which diets work best, and even what to wear. In like fashion, celebrities are speaking out about the benefits of using CBD.

CBD has a range of uses and comes in a variety of forms. For instance, CBD is great for calming anxiety, eliminating inflammation, and even works as a sleep aid. An added bonus of CBD is that while having a similar chemical makeup to marijuana, it lacks THC, which is the compound that creates a psychoactive, or high, feeling. Whether you want an edible form, a salve, or a bath soak, there is a CBD product worth trying.

Celebrity CBD Endorsements

Since its legalization, Cannabidol has been used from people from all walks of life. With a large amount of celebrities giving their testimony and even investing in the cannabis industry, it’s becoming less taboo to use this alternative medicine source. From singers and actresses to athletes, our largest stars are campaigning for this wonderful plant-based healer.

Mandy Moore

You may know her as the popular cheerleader from The Princess Diaries or voicing Disney character Rapunzel from the hit movie Tangled, but she is also becoming known for using CBD for pain relief. Wearing heels on a consistent basis can cause foot swelling, hindering the ability to walk. After being recommended by her stylist to try CBD, she spends more Red Carpets showing off her heels than hurting them.

Mike Tyson

It is difficult to mention championship boxing without bringing up Mike Tyson. Since his retirement, Tyson has invested time, money, and acres of land into creating a line of cannabis-related products. Just a couple hours outside of Los Angeles, Mike Tyson is creating a 40-acre marijuana farm to give growers and smokers alike to enjoy this plant source in a recreational and medicinal purposes. In addition to “Cannabis Resort”, Tyson also has developed a CBD brand called CopperGel, including roll-on cannabidiol products for pain relief. Tyson also uses his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson to educate listeners on the benefits of using natural medicinal alternatives.

Gwyneth Paltrow

When she isn’t playing a devoted wife and mother in The Avengers series, Gwyneth Paltrow is singing the praises of CBD. This Hollywood starlet uses Goop, her lifestyle brand, to review beauty brands as well as cocktails and foods infused with CBD. CBD may be the force behind Gwyn’s secret fountain of youth and seemingly calm demeanor.

Seth Rogen

Remember Dale Denton from Pineapple Express? Seth Rogen plays a stoner that ends up being chased by a drug lord and a crooked cop over his favorite marijuana strain. When it comes to Rogen, it’s safe to say that art and life are mimicking each other. There have been numerous instances of Rogen advocating for marijuana and CBD, especially in conjunction with the health benefits for conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. While promoting his non-profit organization Hilarity for Charity, he uses his platform to teach people how to properly utilize CBD for pain management and other medicinal benefits.

Kim Kardashian

Arguably known as a paragon of pop culture, Kim Kardashian is the female Andy Warhol of this generation. Her influence has sold many products, including clothing, fragrances, and even makeup lines. In addition to helping set the standard of beauty, Kim is an extreme advocate for CBD products, even going to the extent of having a baby shower featuring CBD products. Kim uses CBD to help calm her anxiety in the midst of tackling motherhood and being one of the most influential human beings in pop culture. That is, if we exclude her music mogul husband Kanye West.

Steve Kerr

In addition to coaching the Golden State Warriors to championships, Steve Kerr is also leading sports fans to use CBD. As a long-time medicinal marijuana advocate, Kerr uses his platform to teach others the benefits of CBD products.

Being in the midst of the opioid epidemic, finding non-addictive medicines are necessary in helping people get ahead of their health. Being linked to treating anxiety, inflammation, and numerous celebrity endorsements, CBD may be the medicinal preference of the near future. Being linked to treating anxiety, inflammation, and numerous celebrity endorsements, CBD may be the medicinal preference of the near future. So why not buy CBD oil and start your CBD journey today?