TPH Review: Jamie Slye Hats

Photo courtesy of Jess Clawson


I’ve always wanted to be a stylish person, but it can be tricky as a person who doesn’t fit into any easily categorized style or gender to find clothing and accessories I like and that fit me well. So when I came across Jamie Slye Hats, I was thrilled. Accessories make the outfit, after all!

This is a company that makes high quality, attractive hats in a variety of colors and styles, and who doesn’t dictate who should wear what according to arbitrary fashion “rules.” The website shows models of all genders and styles wearing the hats and looking incredible. I immediately fell in love with the Frankie style, and have been wearing it ever since.

Founder Jamie Slye talks about style as “a personal expression from within,” and I couldn’t agree more. She went to school for fashion design and has worked in the industry for years, always with an eye to empowering people to express themselves. She believes we’re all unique in our own ways, and we each have a story to tell. And because her hats empower those to express themselves, every hat has a story too.

Photo © Jamie Slye

Jamie Slye Hats offers nine styles in straw and wool felt that is made with only high-quality sourced materials. They partner with one of the oldest hat-makers in the United States, and the quality of the work is immediately apparent. My hat is beautiful, soft, and comfortable—not to mention attractive.

I loved even the simple packaging it came in: brown paper wrapped in ribbon. The felt hats are crushable, which saves packaging materials (a win for the environment) and also means that I can easily bring my hat along in a suitcase when traveling without worrying about damage.

Photo courtesy of Jess Clawson

The Frankie looks classic with a brim that can be folded up or down or a mix of both depending on how jaunty I’m feeling. It’s perfect for keeping the sun out of my eyes on a cool day. I selected the thyme color because it best complements my skin tone and wardrobe, but there are many others to choose from in the wool felt line.

I might have assumed that the hat would be hot, given its materials, but it breathes well. It’s warm without making my head hot, and I can imagine wearing it well through the spring comfortably. It’s also water repellent—a major plus in Virginia spring. The fedora-style hat is meant for active people with its leather hatband and chin strap which can be worn on the front or back. I like the playful look and wearability. I feel like me, and not a trying-too-hard version of me, when I wear it.

Photo © Jamie Slye

I also love the look of the straw hats, and hope to invest in one this summer. Wide-brimmed straw hats are becoming quite the staple on the horse show scene, and Jamie Slye offers options with a variety of shapes to suit anyone looking for sun protection and style.

If you’re a fashionable person or looking for a style upgrade, Jamie Slye Hats is an excellent choice. Conscientious consumers will appreciate the quality materials and made-in-the-USA guarantee. I’m sure we’ll be seeing people wearing these beautiful hats at horse shows for years to come.

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