How CBD Oil For Horses Can Improve The Animal’s Health

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This compound is found in the marijuana or hemp plant, and carries with it so many positive benefits for the body. If you’re not yet familiar with CBD, its popularity rose in recent years for two particular reasons: first, because of its legalization; second, because of the aforementioned health benefits, which apply not only to humans, but animals as well.

Yes, even animals can gain benefits from CBD, the most common of which are cats and dogs. In this post, you’ll learn about how CBD oil can improve the health of horses. Let’s take a look:

1. Treat And Control Pain

CBD oil, such as those you can purchase from Holistapet, helps horses suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, similar to what human beings might experience. This happens when the CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body. Located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, these receptors are responsible for maintaining balance and keeping the body in a healthy state.

2. Excellent Source Of Essential Vitamins And Nutrients

Horses also need to have the right vitamins and nutrients for them to stay healthy. This is especially true when your horse is advanced in age or is starting to show symptoms of an illness. This is also applicable to horses who actively participate in physical or athletic activities.

The following are examples of good sources of essential vitamins and nutrients that are found in CBD oil. These become a component of CBD through its raw form. When CBD comes from hemp seed, it becomes highly rich in these nutrients:

  • Omega 3, which improves the overall heart health of your horse. This helps in the production of LDL or good cholesterol. Other benefits of Omega 3 are the following:

Supporting the mental health of horses in distress

Strengthening the bones of your horse

Reducing weight

Fighting inflammation in injured horses

Decreasing liver fat

  • Vitamin E, which plays the role of an antioxidant, prevents free radicals from damaging fat in the body. Here are different ways you can give your horse Vitamin E through CBD oil:

Added in their daily diet, with CBD incorporated in their food

As CBD dietary supplements

In the oils and shampoos that you brush your horse with

  • Vitamin A, which has many positive benefits for your horse, including improvement in the eyesight, immunity, bone growth, and maintenance of the epithelial tissue of the horse.

3. Calms Anxious Horses

Not all horses are the same. Others are calm, while there are those who have anxiety problems and temperamental behavior. In most cases, this anxiety relates to situational or behavioral anxiety. These instances can happen when your horse is exposed to sudden and stressful situations, such as big crowds or during a first competition.

CBD oil for horses is also successful in curbing anxiety. With the regular use of CBD oil, you’re going to see a positive change in the behavior of your horse. They become happier, calmer, and even more playful.

Now That You Know The Benefits, Beware Of These Side Effects, Too

The great thing about CBD in comparison with synthetic medicine for your animals is that it’s more natural. But just as how you’re cautious with your own medication, the same should also be applied to your horses. Always be sure to stay within the minimal dose, or else you’re set to experience adverse side effects like the following:

  • Drowsiness: The calming effect that CBD can have on horses might also make it feel drowsy.
  • Dry Mouth: In horses, this can often lead to discomfort and, in worst cases, dehydration due to a decrease in saliva production. This means that the sensation of thirst is heightened.
  • Lowered Blood Pressure: For horses that have a problem with high blood pressure, this side effect can be a good thing. But remember that blood pressure that’s too low can also endanger your horse.

This list of possible side effects isn’t meant to drive you away from using CBD oil for your horse.

These side effects don’t even happen in most instances for as long as you follow the correct dose.


CBD oil is very useful in human beings and animals alike for the very reason that they both have endocannabinoid receptors in the body. These receptors are responsible for how CBD is accepted into the body. After reading this, you may now have learned further that even horses have benefits to gain from CBD. If you’ve got a horse that needs help with its health, you now have alternatives apart from just synthetic medicines.