Horse Racing Betting Preview and Tips

Racing at Santa Anita during the IEHJA banquet. Photo by Lauren Mauldin

Horse racing is no longer a preserve of an exclusive community in the UK or North America. The sport has gained popularity throughout the world because punters can use a sport betting app and online casinos like Betway to follow the game.

Horse racing has become a sport of choice for many punters across the world. Some don’t understand the sport well, but they use it as a channel to make some money. In this article, we highlight some tips on how to bet on horse racing.

1. Find a suitable race type

To find a proper race to bet on, avoid using huge fields. It would help if you also avoided over jumps as they lead to guesswork on how the competition will be run. In such scenarios, the margin between winning and losing is small.

As a general rule, place your bets on lower grade races. In such races, realistic contenders are few. Therefore, you will find it easy to price up the contest without fear of the unknown.

Always eliminate races that are unsuitable for racing before wagering. Over time you will notice that beginner hurdles and chases are profitable.

2. Try to find a weak link in the chain at the front of the market

Your assignment is to identify a favorite that has been under-priced. You will find value in playing such a horse. This could be a horse that has been on a winning streak on the training ground but is facing quickly drying conditions.

To find an edge that makes you stand out from the others punters on casinos like Betway is proving to be hard. Pricing errors usually are sorted out close to kick off. Therefore, the trick is to spot the ricks early on and take advantage. Shop around and attain the best prices as quickly as possible.

3. Avoid the big names and focus on smaller stables that are in good form

Big names have huge stables and a huge following. More often than not, they tend to have plenty of top prizes on the casinos like Betway. 

Your best bet is with the young and emerging stables. Identify young stables that have respectable strike rates at an early stage. Look for horses that are trained by the upcoming trainers. Trainers believed to be the next big thing.

If you can identify these horses ahead of everyone else is essential. Learn to look away from the obvious.

4. Look for prices over imaginations

The bottom line is the prices. Form your own opinion of the market before looking at the odds. This will help you make a solid case as to why a particular price is too big. 

Some of the odds tend to change over time as we move closer to the match. It is, therefore, imperative that you visit the Betway site or app or any other online casino in time. Form your opinion on the races, place your bet early, and you will reap the benefits.

5. Try to figure out the shape of the race

Always try to figure out how a race will be run to ensure it suits your selection. It would help if you fancied races, which are likely to have a pace duel on the lead. Look for races that several horses will want to run in front and dominate.

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