University of California at Davis Hunt Seat Team Takes the Win Over the University of Lynchburg.

Seniors left to right: Coach Jill Humphrey, Madeline Moore, Ashley Lecron, Sabin Marquardt, Stephanie Don, Bobbie Piddock, Lauren Mooney, Olivia Russell, Head Coach Jessie Weisinger

DAVIS, CALIFORNIA – The UC Davis Aggies took on the Lynchburg Hornets in a Hunt Seat meet on Saturday. The two teams competed in jumping and flat contests and tied in points, 2 to 2, in both events. The over all scores were tallied for the tie-breaker and Davis came out on top, 557 points to 518 for Lynchburg.

Sophia Calamari riding for UC Davis

The high score of the day for jumping went to Davis’ Keely Laughlin with an 82, followed by team captain, Stephanie Don who scored a 77 to claim the 2nd point for the Aggies. Saylor Hardin and Dani Herzberg scored the two jumping points for the Hornets. 

In the flat, Sabin Marquardt and Sierra Gundersen took the 2 points for the Davis team, while  Lori Ohannessian and Taylor Herzog from the Hornets beat the Aggies’ riders. 

University of Lynchburg Team

The Most Outstanding Player awards for the meet went to two UC Davis riders, Keely Laughlin for jumping and Sabin Marquardt for flat. In addition to the awards given for MOP, the 7 seniors on the Davis squad were also honored today; Stephanie Don, Ashley Lecron, Sabin Marquardt, Lauren Mooney, Madeline Moore, Bobbie Piddock, and Olivia Russell received recognition for their outstanding contributions to their team. 

Most Outstanding Players: Sabin Marquardt (flat) and Keely Laughlin (jumping)

You can catch the UC Davis Aggies at the upcoming ECAC Championships on March 26th through the 28th and at the NCEA National Championships in Waco, TX on April 15 to the 18th.