UK’s Most Popular and Well-Known Horse Racing Events Throughout the Year


Horse racing events in the UK are not just another sport to enjoy and bet on, but also an emotion for British people. With a strong ancient reputation, horse racing is still in their veins. Here we will discuss the top 5 Horse racing events that take place in the United Kingdom.

1. The Grand National

The Grand National is the one that stands at the top of all horse racing events of the UK. This year’s Grand National will take place from 14th April. The Grand National was first held in 1839. It is a national event that takes place annually. During this event, the whole nation becomes excited to attend this grand race of horses. This horse race is full of excitement, thrill, betting, luxury and people. Every day this race attracts a crowd of 45,000 some of which might choose to check out if they wish to place a bet.

2. The Royal Ascot

This is one of the well-known horse race events in the UK that is held every year in the month of June. The attractive part of this event is that this race attracts mostly celebrities, royalty and billionaires. Those who want to enjoy this race are usually well-groomed and dressed. It is the meeting of some of the world’s best horses, as jockeys compete for £6.5 million of prize money. The first Royal Ascot race took place same as Grand National in 1839.

3. Epsom Derby

This grand horse Race is only second to the Grand National. It is one of the top races of the UK that gathers a crazy amount of crowd. Epsom Derby is a two-day event which is divided into two parts, the 1st is a Ladies day, and 2nd is Derby day. There is a dedicated Ladies day in Epsom Derby event in which all the ladies are invited into the ‘Queen’s stand’, where they compete for the best-dressed prize. The ladies on that day also get to meet with various celebrities. The first Epsom Derby race took place in 1780.

3. Cheltenham Festival

An event where there is a massive crowd of 260,000 people came to enjoy this electrifying horse race event known as Cheltenham Festival. Sometimes it is also famous as ‘The Festival’. In Cheltenham festival, jockeys and horses battle it out for the purse of the prize of over £4 million. It is unrivalled for the atmosphere that gets created by the race lovers and bettors. The first Cheltenham festival race took place in 1860. Cheltenham festival mainly attracts English and Irish runners in the event. Do not forget to get involved in the ‘Cheltenham Roar’, a tremendous amount of noise and cheering made by spectators at the start of the first race.

4. Champions Day

It is the finale to the British flat racing season. In Champions Day, it is customary to be dressed formally, that makes them look smart. As the whole nation is looking at it with excitement, it is required to look perfect. Champions day takes place at Ascot Racecourse; it boasts the biggest purse for a single day’s racing at over £4.2 million. Champions Day is known as the richest ever race day for a reason. As that day champions are crowned kings and queens of the turf. It all starts with a glitzy opening ceremony after which a Champion Flat Jockey coronation and a huge After Party is prepared.


With the growing uncertainty around the sporting world as a direct result of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, and with latest cancelation of the Grand National announced only a few days ago, we hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible. There was some growing criticism that Cheltenham was allowed to go ahead as the pandemic was becoming clearer by the day. The reason it was decided to go ahead is to do in part with horse racing events being at the core of British society. No doubt now that these events will be missed the longer this pandemic ensues, however, the health of spectators and jockeys is paramount.  

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