How to Keep a Horse Healthy

Horse Owners often find ways to keep their horses healthy and fit. A healthy horse is a happy horse, right? Like any other pet, horses need care and attention too. There are many ways to make sure that your horse is keeping up with his health.

The first-time horse owners can find it challenging to keep their horse healthy and to help you with keeping up with it; I will describe the top eight ways to keep your horse in good health.

Feed them with good quality food only.

Food is a basic necessity for every living organism. Apart from feeding your horses timely, it is also vital to feed them with premium quality food exclusively. A lot of times, we come across cheap hay or roughage for our horses, which might help us save a few bucks but can affect your horse’s health in the longer run. Invest in good quality food for your horse to rue out the possibilities of gut-related diseases. Do not get into buying low-grain hay as it doesn’t meet the nutritional requirements for your pet. Also, make sure that you do not go overboard with grain quantity in their meals.

Schedule an annual vet exam.

Make it a point to take your horse to a vet at least once a year. Although your horse might seem healthy, it is crucial to take them for a routine checkup to avoid the risks of potential diseases and also monitor their health yearly.

Regular exercise for keeping them fit.

Some owners think that as horses stand most of their time, it is okay to avoid the exercise. But well, that is not the case. Just like any other pet, you also should pay attention to the exercise schedule of your horse. Make sure that your horse has sufficient physical activity as it not only makes them fit, but it also keeps them in good shape. 

Stimulating their mental health

Mental health is often neglected in animals and that shouldn’t be the case with your horse. It is crucial to help them in stimulating their mental health by allowing them to do grazing, roaming around, or socializing with fellow animals. All these activities help in enhancing their mental ability and skills. As we humans like to have some me-time where we love doing our favorite activities, let your horse have that time too!

Get them vaccinated timely.

A horse, just like humans, is prone to many diseases and should be vaccinated for the same. For this, you can ask your vet about it and get them vaccinated for common diseases such as Tetanus, Influenza, West Nile Virus and others. Your vet can also recommend other needed vaccines depending upon the area and country you live in. So you can also give them vaccines annually when you visit the vet for a routine checkup.

Deworming and grooming them is a must.

Thanks to the deworming products that are available, the process of getting rid of worms is now convenient for the owners. As horses roam around in the surrounding, it is quite common to come in contact with worms and all sorts of insects. For deworming them, there are easy to administer products available in many pet food stores and even online. Apart from deworming, also follow a practice of grooming your horse once in a while. This helps to remove the dead cells, excess hair and ticks. It makes your horse look clean and better. Also, who doesn’t love a shiny skin coat? So get the grooming tools and groom your little friends at home to keep them tidy and shining.

Let them socialize with fellow horses.

Horses love to socialize, just like dogs. It is often said to have more than one horse to give them a company they can enjoy. In case you are only able to own one horse, you can still make them socialize with horses of your friends or acquaintances. Helping them socialize improves their skills and also uplifts their mood. You can also have a goat or donkey in your hard to keep your horse in a joyous mood. 

Keep their teeth filed and hooves clean.

As horses often feed all that is around them, it becomes vital to look after their teeth. Their teeth can wear out unevenly and that’s precisely why you should file their teeth every once in a while. You can also ask an expert or a vet to guide you with filing the teeth of your horse if it is your first time. 

Also, hooves are an essential part of their body and thus, it becomes necessary to look after them too. One needs to make sure that the feet and legs of the horses are healthy and in good shape as they stand for most of their time. Make a hooves care schedule for your friend after consulting an expert or vet to avoid further issues related to legs or hooves.

Concluding Remarks

All the above-stated suggestions are the ones that shape your horse’s health. There are many factors that one can pay attention to, but these are the essential ones. As an owner make sure that you give them a safe and happy environment to live without any stress. Don’t impede the feelings of fear in your pets. All animals are loveable and they like to be treated with care. Be patient with your horse while training or riding him as it takes time to understand commands. While doing all this, don’t forget to spend time with them too, because there is no happier place than your company for them in this world!

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