Brook Ledge Horse Transportation’s Commitment to Safety

Photo Courtesy of Brook Ledge Horse Transportation

Businesses across the globe are taking extra safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 very seriously in order to protect their staff, their clients, and everyone else who might come in contact with them. Brooke Ledge Horse Transportation’s mission is always to provide superior horse transportation within the continental United States, and they are continuing to do so during the pandemic.  

As an essential business, Brooke Ledge is still operating their horse transportation services. In order to keep their drivers safe, they are supplying their drivers with sanitizing items to protect themselves and everybody they may come in contact with. 

Photo Courtesy of Brook Ledge Horse Transportation

Brooke Ledge drivers are the supply chain that keeps the business going getting the horses to and from their destination safely. From interacting with grooms to filling up at the gas station, drivers come in contact with various people during their trips. By deep cleaning the trailers, wearing gloves during handoffs and stops, and carrying sanitizing items with them at all times, Brook Ledge remains committed to their customers. All of these extra precautions do their part to keep everyone safe when the last thing you want to worry about is getting your horse where they need to be.

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