Online Slots: A Hobby Or An Addiction?

The unstoppable rise of modern slots is one of the 21st Century’s greatest marvels, as these scintillating examples of online casino entertainment have quickly become the no.1 for many avid gamblers all around the world. When you look at the size of the industry two decades ago it was pretty much non-existent, but now it rivals pretty much all of the major gambling sectors for size. 

If you have ever played an example of a modern video slot this will come as no surprise. Developers have well and truly cracked the code when it comes to designing simply infallible games, meaning that it has become harder than ever to resist the temptation of a few good old reel spins. Here’s the thing though: are online slots offering free spins a hobby, or something far more sinister like an addiction? Like with most things it really depends on the context, read ahead for a rundown. 

Online Slots: A Hobby? 

So, it really isn’t difficult to argue for the fact that online slots are a genuine hobby, and that is mainly because they are enjoyed by millions of people across the world as exactly that. If playing computer games can be a hobby, than why can’t spinning the reels on your favourite online slots from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming or Eyecon? What’s more, playing online slots will usually end up in some kind of monetary reward, surely even better than playing on computer games? 

Another thing that people tend to forget about online slots is that they do require you to think mathematically as well, therefore keeping your brain busy in a way that other hobbies cannot. And anyway, if somebody enjoys playing online slots and is making sure that they are being sensible who is anyone to reject their labelling of it as a hobby? As we will see, however, this seemingly lovely hobby can take a turn for the worst if you are not careful, and in these instances it may be better to call online slots an addiction… 

Online Slots: An Addiction? 

Online video slots can often get a bad reputation in the media to the perceived notion that they are simply vessels for a gambling addiction. They have even been called the “crack cocaine” of casino due to their ease of use and inherently gripping mechanics – but is this missing the point? There are plenty of other readily available things in life that have the tendency to be addictive, but people still call them hobbies at the end of the day. 

All that being said, however, you cannot stray away from the fact that online slots can genuinely be an addiction. It can be way too tempting to have “one last spin” whilst on a losing streak, something that can quickly multiply into 100. The thing about slots is that if you are not careful they do have the capacity to drag you into an addiction, but this is more the fault of the consumer if anything. In most cases they are quintessentially a hobby. 

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