TPH Review: Rusty Brown Jewelry


While we are all horse people, The Plaid Horse staff are all very unique and different individuals. So, when we all come together and get excited about a company that has a little bit of something for everyone, we feel we have to share it with our readers. That is exactly what happened when we came across Rusty Brown Jewelry.

Rusty Brown Jewelry offers equestrian themed pieces that are all original designs created by legendary, Hall of Fame farrier, Rusty Brown. Brown worked as a farrier, US Marine, bull rider, cowboy and rodeo clown before turning his attention to making jewelry. The designs not only honor the equestrians, but are handcrafted by veterans. Now owned by Erin Baayen, Rusty Brown Jewelry creates a legacy while ensuring the beauty and quality of each piece. 

The Plaid Horse may be a unique bunch, but we all gravitated straight to necklaces. Rusty Brown offers bracelets, earrings, belt buckles and rings to name a few, but necklaces seem to just be a horse girl thing. 

As I scrolled through the beautiful designs on their website, one necklace in particular leapt out at me. As someone lucky enough to own two horses that go barefoot, I was super excited to see their unshod foot necklace design. It suits me and my geldings so perfectly. Being barefoot is about where the similarities between the two ends, so it feels extra special to have a piece of jewelry that represents both of them. And as a military wife, the fact that it was made by veterans, makes it extra special. 

When the necklace arrived, I was taken aback by the quality. I have owned my fair share of crazy horse girl necklaces over the years, but the quality of this necklace is second to none. Unlike some other pieces, I can wear this necklace every day in my active life without fear it will catch something and break. It is a true keepsake that I will cherish. My co-workers all seemed to agree, and adore their necklaces as much as I love mine.

Plaid Horse Publisher, Piper Klemm picked the shoe heart necklace to honor her special horse. “Currently being apart from my heart horse, Reuben, has left a sandwich shaped hole in my heart,” she explained. “The shoe heart design spoke to me, and all the unconditional love horses give to us. He may be barefoot, but I wear this heart shoe to remind me of the bond between myself, and Reuben.”

Plaid Horse Writer Jess fell in love with the crooked nail design. “I absolutely love my necklace from Rusty Brown. I ordered the crooked nail necklace because I’ve never seen anything like it,” they said. “It’s not just another piece of equestrian jewelry—it’s an understated, elegant necklace that looks great with any outfit, from a plain T-shirt to formal wear.” And as I write this Jess is plotting how to get the necklace back from their mom, who also loves it and asked to borrow it.

Fellow advertising executive Dawn picked the double nail heart necklace. “I chose the double heart necklace from Rusty Brown Jewelry because I wanted something that I could enjoy with my daughter and eventually pass on to her as a keepsake,” Dawn said.  “As the daughter of a Navy veteran, that fact that each piece is made in the USA by US veterans just makes it even more special. I look forward to being able to wear and share this beautiful quality piece for years to come.”

No matter what your style, Rusty Brown jewelry has a design that will honor your love of horses in a beautiful way that will last a lifetime.

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