When We Finally Get Back to Horse Showing, I Promise to …

Photo © Carly Nasznic


We’re not showing. Many of us aren’t riding at all. So, in these times of quarantine, what’s an equestrian to do?

For starters, we can set some goals for whenever we do get back into the ring. In a Facebook post in The Plaid Horse Adult Amateur Lounge, Rachel Howell posed the question below, and we loved reading the responses. Check out a selection of our favorites below, and join us in the Facebook group for a place to chat, vent, read, and daydream through the downtime.

Photo © Carly Nasznic

When We Finally Get Back to Horse Showing, I Promise to …

… not go off course. – Shaelyn Marie Kelliher

… get a big ammy happy hour together! – Emily Davis 

… put my big girl panties on, under my rust britches, and work on moving up a division – Sally Stith Burdette

… stay focused. – Heather Visser

… really enjoy just being able to be at the show. I’ll be so grateful to get on a horse again. – Morgan Eisler

… relax and remind myself that we aren’t really going that fast – Maggie Anderson Murphy

… not wait until the second trip to ride effectively. – Andrea Boreham Conrad

… say yes to new opportunities, have fun with it, and not take it too seriously. – Brianna Hammerman

… ride smart and have more fun in the ring. – Ariah Transmeier

… polish my boots more. – Whitney Lind

… not pull! – Vicki Nowell Autry

… take myself a little less seriously. – Lauren Mauldin

And finally, perhaps our favorite answer of the bunch, if only because it’s something every one of us can take into future horse shows:

… not be too afraid to obnoxiously cheer loudly for someone I don’t even know who did a damn good job and needs to hear it! – Melissa Iozzo

Photo © Carly Nasznic

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