Are You Ready for the Virtual Kentucky Derby Home Party?

"The Kentucky Derby" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Traveloscopy

Kentucky Derby Lives On – Virtually! Watch It at a Home Party 

Keep up the spring tradition of the Kentucky Derby. As you watch this virtual edition of the racing favorite, celebrate with all the excitement of a home party!

Horse racing fans can get their taste of the action by watching the virtual Kentucky Derby at Home Party on May 2, given that the event has had to be postponed. You might have thought all the horse racing action you’d get in the next few months would have been to sit down to a good book. But NBC has arranged to bring viewers some exciting virtual horse racing, to fill in the void until race events are able to take place again.

How does it work?

The horses and racetrack are computer-generated, with very realistic graphics of each horse and rider. Anyone who watched the UK’s virtual Grand National – another race that traditionally takes place in spring – will have noticed how every detail of the course had been incorporated to give as close an experience to the live race as possible. The horses are placed based on an algorithm and are therefore random.

The featured race will be the Triple Crown Showdown, where the 13 Triple Crown winners race one another at a computer-simulated Churchill Downs. The event will be helping fundraising efforts.

“The Kentucky Derby” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Traveloscopy

How can I watch the Kentucky Derby at Home Party?

The fun starts at 3pm ET on May 2. It will be televised on NBC and is also available for streaming via and the NBC Sports app. The action will go on for three hours, with recaps of some of the most exciting historical Kentucky Derby moments, as well as lots of social distance compliant party antics.

Get into the party mood, with some extra party ideas

The Kentucky Derby Day is a huge tradition and by taking part in the home party, you can bring some fun and enjoyment straight into your living room. Here are some ideas you can try:

A relaxed dress code, or an excuse to dress up?

Whether you want to make a big effort and dress up for the occasion, or make it more fun by getting into fancy dress, your dress code for the home party is completely up to you. 

Traditional Kentucky Derby foods

Another great way to enjoy the day is by putting on some traditional KD foods. You will be able to go to the Kentucky Derby website or head to to find menus including delicious chicken wings recipes, slow cooker short ribs and plenty of other tasty dishes to challenge your culinary skills. 

KD drinks ideas

Race events as big as the Kentucky Derby generally tend to involve some celebratory drinks, so try and get stocked up with your favorite drinks, or get creative and make some KD inspired cocktails. Head over to the Kentucky Derby website to see how you can create fabulous cocktails such as Orchard Rose Sangria, Woodford Reserve Spire (shown below) or Chateau Ste. Michelle Apple Cider Mimosa.

Have a flutter

One of the most exciting parts of horse racing is putting bets on for the winner and cheering on your horse, or horses, throughout the race. Just like with the standard horse racing events, you are able to place bets on the virtual Kentucky Derby race at You can view the odds offered across different bookies, to find the best odds and hopefully you will still be cheering when your horse crosses the finishing line.

We might not be able to attend horse racing events for some time as spectators, but we can certainly make the most of fun alternatives like the virtual Kentucky Derby, so get planning your home party now.

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