How Taking CBD Oil Improves Your Horse’s Performance

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Cannabidiol or CBD, which is a well-loved cannabinoid compound, has multiple benefits for human beings. This cannabinoid can also benefit animals, like cats, dogs, and even horses. Horses are strong, majestic, and intelligent animals, but they are not exempted from chronic health issues. It’s a good thing that CBD is a safe option that owners can use to treat some signs and symptoms of diseases in horses.

But, how can you incorporate CBD into the routine of horses to improve their quality of life?  In this post, you’ll learn how CBD oil can improve your horse’s performance. 

What Is Cannabidiol Or CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a safe-to-consume cannabinoid compound that possesses several therapeutic properties. Unlike the powerful tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. It means that it doesn’t cause psychedelic or “high” effects. CBD oil, like any other CBD products, only contains trace amounts of THC, usually less than 0.30 percent.

CBD regulates a lot of bodily processes by stimulating cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the endocannabinoid system or ECS (composed of cannabinoid receptors or cells that bind well with CBD and other cannabinoids). Both human beings and animals share this system, so this means that they all can take advantage of the health benefits of CBD. If you need more help on finding the best CBD products, look online for reputable resources.

Here are the common benefits of CBD: 

  • It helps regulate mood. 
  • It decreases pain levels. 
  • It helps boost immunity.
  • It improves appetite.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Horses

Most research studies on cannabidiol have been conducted on humans and common pets, like dogs and cats. Each day, more studies are looking into the benefits that CBD can give to horses and other animals. CBD helps manage inflammation, pain, digestion, stress, mood, and more, even in horses.

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CBD Helps Manage Arthritis And Chronic Pain 

Horses usually suffer from chronic pain issues, like arthritis, because of their large size or body built, most especially competitive horses. Athletic horses undergo high levels of stress, too, and CBD can be beneficial in the way horses handle chronic pain due to arthritis and associated stress.

Here are the good reasons why CBD oil is a great option in treating chronic pain in horses than prescription painkillers:

  • Prescription painkillers for arthritis or chronic joint pain usually have negative side effects, leaving your horse feeling sluggish and sedated, which may affect the horse’s performance. On the other hand, CBD can treat these conditions without causing negative effects.
  • CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease swelling and inflammation of joints that horses suffer from, relieving pressure and pain. 
  • CBD targets pain receptors in the body to stop pain signals from being transmitted through the nerve cells or neurons, so your horse’s performance will be unaffected.

CBD For Stress And Anxiety

Many animals, including horses, can benefit from CBD mentally. Optimum emotional health is crucial for the peak performance of horses. However, horses also feel anxious or stressed out. Horses are usually transported for competition and may not respond well in long-distance travel. Giving CBD oil to your horses can help them stay calm during  trips, as well as avoid stress and anxiety associated with such trips.

Here are ways CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety associated with traveling during competitions:

  • Promotes emotional health: Horses are emotionally intelligent animals, so it’s important to keep them emotionally healthy at all times, most especially before a competition for superior race performance.
  • Treats pre-competition nerves: For athletic horses or those horses competing in sports or races, CBD oil is a great treatment for pre-competition nerves. Horses usually experience “arena anxiety” when competing in closed spaces. This condition can negatively affect the horse’s health and competition performance. Luckily, CBD can manage these conditions naturally and safely.

CBD For Proper Digestion

Horses observe a grain-only diet, so these animals are highly susceptible to digestive issues, including indigestion, bloating, nausea, ulcers, and lack of appetite, thus proper care is a must. Physically intense training and hard-to-digest diet can lead to serious digestive problems. Because of the nature of the diet and lifestyle of athletic horses, they have higher chances of developing these issues.

Here are ways CBD can help address gastrointestinal or digestive issues:

  • CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight off harmful microorganisms present in the grains with which horses are being fed. 
  • Because a grain-only diet consists of processed grains, it can lead to digestive tract irritation. CBD can help counteract this irritation by reducing the horse’s intestinal mucosal sensitivity to this type of diet.


CBD oil can help improve the performance of your horse by maintaining their optimum health. This cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and other therapeutic properties, which all can massively benefit horses, especially those who engage in competitions. With decreased stress and anxiety levels before and during the competition as a result of CBD consumption, your horse is more ready to face any type of challenge, encouraging them to give their utmost best every single time.