Best Colleges to Start Riding On a Horse

The best college equestrian centers are perfect for those students who want to start riding on horses. Horse lovers should focus on colleges with state-of-art facilities and a variety of riding courses.

As there is more than just riding, students should select an institution with all-encompassing programs so that they can come out with all the skills necessary to take care of their favorite animal. Here we have compiled the best colleges to start riding on a horse with ease.

Alfred University, New York

Alfred University offers more than just horse riding as they train on science and theories behind competitions. It boasts of the 400-acre facility located at Bromeley-Daggett Equestrian center that is five minutes’ walk from the main campus. Students get to choose a minor course and combine it with any major program at the university.

Equine Science, English and Western riding and draft horse driving are some of the courses that students get to study. There are over 40 horses owned by the university that students use for practical lessons and competition. Those who own horses are free to ride at the equestrian facility with horseback trails stretching up to five miles.

University of Louisville, Kentucky

The University of Louisville offers equine industry programs through the college of business. The equine courses are provided alongside majors in the business administration program. The students graduate with a major in equine studies under the Bachelor of Science in Business.

The riding and racing club include Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) hunt seat,among other serious completion that students would get a chance to join.  The equine business post-graduate certificate is also offered for graduate students wishing to attain some horse-riding skills after completing their studies.

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Berry College, GA, Washington

Berry College boasts of 185-acres state-of-art Gunby Equine Center with over 60 horses owned by the university. The students are allowed to bring their horses, and housing is provided for them in the institution. There is a wide range of courses that students studying horses can choose from, including pre-veterinary tracks and animal science.

Experiential activities take place outside the classroom where students get to assist in the care of horses owned by the college, including feeding them and routine veterinary management and supervision. Horseback riding trails stretch up to 80 miles, which students can also use for biking, hiking among other outdoor adventures.

University of Kentucky, Lexington

The University of Kentucky has a Maine Chance Equine Campus that is used for teaching and research. The institution owns 100 horses housed in over 25 padlocks and pastures together with several barns. The institution is just six miles from the main campus with a Bachelor’s degree in equine science and management offered.

There are several research programs offered to the students, together with equine internship opportunities. Horse racing clubs, along with other competitive opportunities such as polo, eventing, IDA dressage, saddle seat and western teams competing in Zone 6 and Region 3 are also offered. As it’s proven that women with horses live longer, this could be a university with a life-changing experience for all.

Auburn University, Alabama

Auburn University offers premier veterinary programs with a stellar equine science course. Students get to learn about horse health and nutrition with everything that got to deal with management in the horse industry. Equine Biomechanics & shoeing, Physiology of the Equine Athlete, and Equestrian Coaching are some of the elective courses offered.

The university has a state-of-art 60-acre facility with three outdoor arena and 11 pastures. There is also the main barn that has two tack rooms, laboratory space, and veterinary areas where students can learn essential skills relating to horse riding.  They won the 2013 NCEA National Championship, making it one of the best horses riding college.


Whether you are looking to start riding on a horse or need an in-depth equestrian course, the above colleges would help in achieving your dreams.  Students get to learn horse riding and everything about the horse industry with the flexibility of pairing with any other course of interest.

One should join a college that is convenient in terms of location and the cost of training. Every student who enrolls in the equine colleges will come out riding horses professionally.

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