TPH Review: Printsfield Socks

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson


I am a sock hoarder. I admit it. My husband frequently asks why I own so many socks. I justify the addiction with all the purposes they serve: riding, working out, warm winter socks, comfy lounging socks (I HATE slippers). My favorite socks, however, both serve a purpose, and are colorful or have a design on them I like. I may be an adult, but I still really value my unicorn socks.

Needless to say, when I got the chance to check out Printsfield socks, I was ready to jump in. Socks in my choice of colors with any faces I wanted on them?! I’m in. As a horse and dog mom, I decided on creating a pair of socks representing each of my two different species of fur babies.

The customization process is easy. You pick your design, and then upload up to three images/faces to add to the socks. You round out the design by picking your background color, and shoe size for a good fit.

For my dog socks I chose the basic Dog Socks, and followed their easy prompts to upload a photo of each of my two fur babies. I can honestly say the hardest part for me was picking which of the thousands of photos I have taken of them to go on the socks!  Once I finally picked the perfect photos,  I went with a blue background to compliment both of my dogs’ colors.

Finally, I chose my size using their sizing guide. Sizing for these socks is important.The process for the custom horse socks was a bit the same. There is only one design option for horse socks, making the design choices a bit easier. Again, I followed the easy prompts to create my socks. This time picking mint to compliment my grey and blood bay horses.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

Overall, the process to create my custom fur baby socks was super easy. Plus, they arrived pretty quickly after I ordered. You get email updates throughout the sock production process as well, which was nice given my quarantine boredom. 

Once in hand, I found that the socks are a soft, smooth material. They are not as stretchy as some of my other socks, but since they are offered in different sizes this wasn’t a problem. The sizing chart is very helpful. My gut was that I’m an average size human, but after referencing the chart  I ended up being a small, which fit perfectly when they arrived. I definitely would order from Printsfield again. With designs for many pets (including cats!), I think these could be the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.

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