Clip-A-Thon for the Equestrian Aid Foundation Disaster Relief fund

It is no secret that the summer is looking bleak with horse shows being cancelled left and right. While we adjust our summer plans, our beloved horse show staff is facing some serious uncertainty as their livelihood is ripped away from them. 

We owe it to every manager, groom, braider, night checker, ring steward, in gate master, and grounds keeper to support them when they need us most! Imagine running a horse show without these dedicated individuals… 

In an effort to ensure their survival, TAG Equine Services is partnering with Venture Marketing Ltd. and The Equestrian Aid Foundation to hold a 48 Hours Fundraiser starting at 10 am EST on Thursday May 28th! Tim Gaskell (AKA Tim The Clipper Guy) has pledged to clip as many horses as he can…. in 24 hours…. because he’s insane. He has also pledged to donate 100% of his clipping fee earned in those 24 hours to EAF to support our horse show staff.

This 100% virtual event can be found on Facebook and Instagram, just search The Clip-A-Thon!

Want to get involved? There are several way you can support your favorite horse show staff:

  1. During the Clip-A-Thon you will be able to pledge money to keep Tim clipping. Because let’s be honest, it’s going to suck and he’s going to need help staying motivated!
  2. Leading up to and during the Clip-A-Thon there will be raffle tickets available for pruches! 
  3. You may also stand in solidarity with Tim by clipping a horse yourself, send us a picture of you clipping and donate a portion of your clipping fee to be featured during the event! 
  4. Any businesses can be a sponsor! Every one of the 24 hours is available for sponsorship and we are also looking for donations to be raffled off during the event! 

 If you would like to sponsor an hour or donate an item or gift card for the raffle, contact Kayla Wright at or (303)621-6325

They were ALWAYS there for us. Now it is our turn to be there for them. 

If you know a groom, braider or other essential horse show staff member, please remind them that the Equestrian Aid foundation is just as much there for them as it is for riders and barns. The Clip-A-Thon is being put on by grooms for grooms and other support staff in the equine industry! 

Every dollar raised will be going to the Equestrian Aid Foundation Disaster Relief fund!

The Equestrian Aid Foundation has opened its Disaster Relief Fund to assist equestrian professionals and industry service providers in unexpected financial crisis as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation prioritizes assistance to industry professionals and service providers who have lost their primary or only income as a direct result of the pandemic. These one-time grant payments are intended to assist qualified applicants with basic living expenses. 

Since April, EAF has processed 238 COVID relied grants for professionals from all corners of the United States—from judges and stewards, to braiders and grooms, to trainers and lesson barn owners whose lesson income has all but disappeared. With continued community support, the Foundation will continue to help our industry’s hardest workers get back on their feet.

About EAF: The Equestrian Aid Foundation provides vital, emergency financial assistance to horsemen within the United States who are coping with catastrophic illness or injury. This grant-based support is intended to help equestrians get through their medical crises and back to doing the work they love. Through its Disaster Relief Fund, EAF helps equestrian communities in crisis in the aftermath of natural disaster or other unforeseen events. We are horsemen helping horsemen.

The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.