10 Things Every Rider Needs in their Barn Bag

The Lauracea backpack. Photo courtesy of Lauracea

This year, never be caught unprepared – make sure your barn bag is packed and with you at all times! 

Here are 10 items we think every rider needs in their barn bag to keep them prepared for any situation. From hunger, to dead phones, to wet feet, this list will keep you prepared for anything. 

1.  Dry socks. You never know when that puddle was deeper than you thought or you slosh that water bucket on your feet. Dry socks in your bag can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a truly uncomfortable day. 

2. Healthy snacks. Pick me ups are necessary during long days – make sure you’re never left hungry and not performing your best in lessons and shows.

3. New AirPods. Where are yours, anyways?

4. Chapstick. Whether it’s the cold, hot, sun, ice, or your dehydration from exercise to be your best self this year, lips always need some extra attention at the barn. Just not before or after clipping. Anything. Ever.

5. Spare charging cord. Barns, horse shows, and other remote areas tend to drain batteries. For those working amateurs, professionals, and juniors trying to get stuff done in between barn activities, you never know when you’re going to run out of juice. Be prepared with a charger cord who lives in the barn bag for emergencies (in addition to your car cord, bedside cord, work cord, and maybe couch cord).

6. Water Bottle. Single use plastics are so 2010’s. Make sure you have a refillable water bottle – bonus if it can do hot coffee or soup too – and keep it full as you see filling stations at home, barn, and horse shows to be committed to a greener horse show in 2020. Make the investment and save money over bottled water all year long. 

7. For those of us trying to create less waste, a hand towel can be used for basically any mess and then chucked in the washing machine. From spilled coffee to horse snot, these can keep us up with environmental friends, say no to trash, and still freshen up any situation.

8. Hand wipes. You never know when something extra disgusting happens at the barn and you’ll need to snack on the way home or go see someone right after. These in a pinch can almost make a whole quick shower when your next appointment stacks right up to barn time.

9. Sunscreen! It’s winter circuits and sun reflecting off snow and everywhere you go, you can’t forget to protect your skin from the elements. Sun Bum and associated balms and sticks make the perfect addition to any barn bag preparedness kit. 

10. Another pair of spurs. For when you just need a little something extra.

What did we miss? Email editor@theplaidhorse.com what you think should go in the next edition!

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