Virtual Horse Racing Casino Games


Do you consider yourself the kind of person who would fancy a weekend afternoon at the races, watching jockeys commandeer huge beasts gallop around a track, trying to beat the competition to the finish? If you do, you are also likely one of the millions of people who would love the thrill of placing a bet on a virtual horse and cheering your heart out as it races from the start to the finish. A virtual horse race is a casino game that brings the same experience right to your living room, allowing you to enjoy the races from the comfort of your home.

Most people would never tell the difference between a real horse race and virtual horse race just by watching them on the screen. This is what makes this virtual game very special. The race is essentially just a random number drawn by a computer and an intelligent simulation based on an actual real-life horse race, much like normal casino betting, with free spins you may find here.

Where is the Fun in Virtual Horse Racing?

Virtual horse racing is popular on an online casino South Africa platform and on top online casinos around the world. These games feature highly realistic graphics of actual horses, from how they trot around before a race to how they react to patting and stroking by the jockeys. These races are so detailed and so accurate that it is easy for anyone to convince their mind that it is an actual race taking place in a parallel reality in real-time. The best part is that you, the player, are at the forefront of the fun because you have access to a trove of information about the horses that you can use to place your informed bets.

Virtual horse racing game also offers a range of betting options to fine-tune the race to your liking. Each virtual race lasts for one minute and the results are typically randomly generated but based on the statistics of real-life horses. In most races, the horses too are often ‘designed’ after real horses to make them even more realistic. While the action is entirely simulated, it is not lacking in suspense, excitement, and potential to win big.

Betting types and Odds in Virtual Horse Racing

The odds of a horse in a virtual horse race game are determined by multiple variables. First is the number of draws representing a particular horse. A horse that gets a large number of draws will have lower odds than another with a low number of draws. Each number can be drawn only once in a race. There are three types of bets you can place on your favourite virtual horse or horses:

Win/Place bet: Just as it sounds, this is a bet on a horse to win or not to win the race, to place in a certain position such as the top three, or to not place in the top three finishers. Note that just as it is in actual horse races, the win/place bet comes in multiple variations.

Forecast bet: In a virtual horse race, you can place a straight forecast by betting on two horses you think will come first and second respectively in the race. You can also place a dual forecast by betting on two horses that you think will come first and second regardless of the order.

Tricast: Like forecast, the tricast can be straight, where you bet on three horses finishing in positions 1-2-3 respectively, or a tricast where you bet on the top three horses reaching the finish ahead of every other horse, in any order.

Playing the Virtual Horse Race

If you already know how actual horse races work you will not have trouble playing the virtual horse race game. One thing you will quickly notice is that the tracks on which the simulated races are held are often well-known tracks around the world such as Festival Downs, Victoria Park, and Britannia Way. Races take place every couple of minutes, often at between 2 and 5-minute intervals around the clock.

One of the most widespread misconceptions about virtual horse races is how the winner of the race is picked. Each race is completely random with no pre-recorded results or form guides. Random Number Generators (RNG) algorithms rely on seed numbers that throw out a result every time it is used to determine which horse wins the race. Considering the complexity of random number generation, virtual horse races are very difficult to predict and cannot be cracked. All casinos offering virtual horse racing games use this technology.

Virtual horse racing is one of the most enjoyable modern casino games where the player bets on random results and the bookmaker, the casino, earns its commission off each bet. This game is fair and full of excitement and suspense because it is totally random. If you love horses, try playing virtual horse racing and experience the same thing differently. 

Choose Casino Platforms Wisely

Whether you wish to play online casino games or bet on horse racing, you need to choose the casino platform wisely. It is essential to check various aspects like license, game selection, betting options, betting odds, security, bonuses, and many other things prior to signing up to any casino. This process can be time-consuming but it is very essential as you don’t want to be trapped in a scam. Always go for the quality service providers. You can opt for online casino platform comparison websites like Kiwi Gambler, where you can review multiple new and old providers easily. Thus, never jump to any casino seeing only its promotional offer, but check various aforementioned factors as well.

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