Can You Use CBD Oil For Horses?

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Horses are majestic creatures for whom their owners think of not merely as a monetary asset to the home but a beloved family member. There is significant concern that the massive pet receives the best care, has the ultimate level of comfort, and maintains optimal well-being. 

As with domestic pets, farm animals, or exotic species, horses are prone to a variety of sicknesses, pains, disorders for which medical treatment deems necessary. The animal’s incredible size alone can often be a source of discomfort or bring complications in their daily efforts. There are many tried and true treatments used in attempts to assist horses with the variety of symptoms associated with the ailments they suffer; one such compound boasting benefits is CBD oil.

How CBD Oil Will Benefit Horses

The research and studies using cannabidiol or CBD in treating horse ailments are sparse. Those equine enthusiasts opting for the natural, safe compound as an alternative to some of the harsher pharmaceuticals is growing with anecdotal successes. The results suggest that ponies being given CBD oil for their many ailments are seeing benefits with no severe side effects. 

CBD stimulates the pony’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn improves the functionality and allows it to better fight instances of pain and inflammation. There is a large variety of businesses manufacturing and selling the products (Check full report). Many of those in the equine community who have indulged in these CBD items for their ‘overgrown pets’ boast its effectiveness in assisting with symptoms associated with the horse’s health with no ill effects. Some anecdotal successes include:

  • Encouraged healing from surgery/injury
  • Relief of pain associated with laminitis or arthritis
  • Stress relief due to stall confinement
  • Decreased inflammation caused by reduced leptin
  • Irregular appetite corrections
  • Improvements in issues with digestion or gastrointestinal problems
  • Reduced stress from performing as well as traveling and shows
  • Improvements with Cushing’s disease and associated symptoms
  • Insulin opposition
  • Regulating weight

The attributes of the hemp-derived CBD bears evidence through owners with experience in using the product who have personally benefited in their animals. The prevalence of results where CBD properties assist with symptoms of various conditions is increasing each day. But does it deem safe for this particular species? Take the link to learn about safety and uses.

How Safe Is CBD For Our Horses?

The claim is that studies were conducted by veterinarians to test CBD effects as alternative methods for care. The claim is that the only potential risk with cannabinoids shows to be THC levels in the plants that have the possibility of causing psychoactive side effects. It, in turn, would stress the animal.

The suggestion is narcotic medications produce harsher effects on the ponies than the belief is that THC in smaller doses would. But much more research on THC in this species needs to be done in this regard.

Also noted is that animals living in the wild are known to indulge in plant compounds containing natural CBD chemicals of varying families like Echinacea, flax, hops, and other natural materials, including marijuana. Wild mammals consume marijuana regularly with no known adverse effects. Understanding that this and CBD are part of a standard diet plan and the general makeup for mammals provides the evidence needed to show that the usage of CBD has the potential to be safe for use with a horse’s medical treatment.

Dosing For The Size Of A Horse

The suggestion in dealing with alternative methods to treatment for the equine family is to seek assistance from a veterinarian for the safest and optimal results. A vet has the ideal tools to supervise the health, behavior, and effects that take place throughout the course of care and should be in attendance for the administration of the CBD oil. 

It is noted that a vet has the experience and the knowledge necessary to modify the dose in the correct increments and portions to provide adequate strength to the animal safely. The vet will also have the capacity to recognize any reactions or distress related to the horse’s CBD product being introduced. Follow to learn more.

The recommendation is to give a dose once in the morning and once in the evening following a meal for this species of animal. Having a full stomach ensures absorption by the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Overdosing notes as being virtually impossible with CBD oil; however, if ingested in high doses, there is the potential for mild adverse effects such as diarrhea, fatigue/drowsiness, lowered blood pressure, short-term confusion.

Again, always make sure to have a professional, reputable, licensed vet on hand who can adequately monitor when incorporating new chemicals into your animal’s system to ensure their safety and wellness. Safety is the ultimate priority with any type of treatment, whether it be natural, herbal, organic, or not. Natural does not necessarily equate to safe. These products deem unregulated, and not all are third-party tested. As the owner, the responsibility falls to you for your horse’s well-being.