Most Common Bingo Rewards

When most people think about gambling their mind immediately drifts to things like slots, roulette or poker, however one of the most successful gambling industries in the 21st century especially has simply got to be the bingo market. For so long this game was written off as something that only old people tend to play, however various developments over the last century has proved that this is no longer the case – click for online slot games.

Online bingo was the biggest thing to drive bingo’s popularity forwards, as it gave many more people the chance to try the game out and realise they enjoy it. The additional emergence of bingo bars and club nights has brought the game to a younger audience too, and they simply cannot get enough. But what are the most common bingo rewards? Read ahead to find out. 

Progressive Jackpot Bingo 

One of the most exciting bingo rewards that are common these days is a progressive jackpot prize, mainly because these can be end up being really rather large indeed. For those that are familiar with land-based and online slots the term “progressive jackpot” will be especially tantalising, as it can evoke memories of huge cash prizes on machines like the acclaimed Las Vegas Megabucks slots. 

A progressive jackpot is one that increases in relation to how many scorecards have been bought and the cash wagered, with the prize going up in correlation with how many people are betting. As you might imagine, bingo progressive jackpots can get seriously big, however they are also the hardest to win, so make your choice wisely. 

Sliding Jackpot Bingo 

A sliding jackpot is without a doubt one of the most common bingo prizes, especially in online bingo games. The sliding jackpot pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin: provides a bingo prize that can vary in size depending on a variety of different factors, mainly how many people are playing at one go, or the particular number combination that a bingo player ends up winning. 

For example, most bingo operators will substantially reduce the size of the jackpot they are offering at times like 3am in the morning where not many people are playing. It is just common sense really, and also makes financial sense. 

Prize Bingo 

Prize bingo is a version of bingo that is much more popular in places like seaside resorts and schools, and it does away with the traditional cash prizes, instead making a variety of prizes available to the winners. These can vary incredibly, however the prizes usually come in the shape of a toy or piece of clothing. 

Nightclub Bingo Rewards 

Over the last decade bingo club nights have become incredibly popular with the younger population, and at these events the bingo rewards can be hilarious. There is usually a cash prize on offer at the end, but along the way there are several different rewards like drinking games, forfeits and even dance offs to contend with. 

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