Yet Another Victory For Gallardo At Tampa Bay Downs

As horse racing finally returns to your screens, fans of the sport are in for another round of amazing races in the US horse Racing seen with several favourites ready and waiting to come out in the lead at this time. But with the popularity and outstanding performance of Gallardo, many are wondering whether this will be a clean sheet of victories for him this year. In this article, we will be looking into the outstanding performance and victories of Gallardo throughout his career.

The Career Of Antonio Gallardo

With several jockeys out there showcasing their own skillset, more is having to be done to show your skillset and stand out. Antonio Gallardo, however, is one of the worlds most successful jockeys when it comes to the number of races that he has won. With a total of 101 races won in his career thus far, the most recent success is no surprise to many of them that have been following his career for several years now.

The key to his success at this time is perseverance and allowing the horse to be as comfortable as possible. When asked about the relationship with the horse and the success to his career he had this to say:
“ I try not to fight him, just let him get comfortable and go with him.”

Though for some this may seem the key to his success, there is still a lot left to explore when it comes to the rest of his career and the future title amounts.

The Return To Racing In Horsing

The return to horse racing in the US has been a slow process following the Covid outbreak and has seen a whole new wave of legislation placed on horse racing and their ability to maintain social distancing. With empty stands the new normal and 6ft being maintained at all times, many were wondering how the future of horse racing in the United States may have been affected. However, with many races already being conducted and several amazing results, the future of sports racing and audience engagement watching at home has been unprecedented.

With media coverage on a wide range of races as well as the thrill of watching live sporting events once again following this unexpected pause, there is no surprise that the impact on sport and the popularity of the sport as a whole.

Another Win For Antonio Gallardo

With the return to this glorious sport has come yet another amazing racing result for Antonio Gallardo with another victory at Tampa Bay Downs taking his total up to 3. With the Spaniard making waves with a win at the downs, he is one to look out for in horse racing this year. With an amazing team as well as one of the best horses out there on the ground, there is no surprise that Gallardo went on to win another two races on May 3rd this year. But with total winnings of $1,342,681 so far in 2020, this is set to be an amazing season for the racer who is set to go on and win several other races thus far.

With numerous horses out there in that have been ridden by Gallardo throughout his career, he is by far considered one of the best jockeys out there across the board, making him one to look out for whenever he starts the race.

The Future Of Horse Racing In 2020

As several horse races and several other sporting events continue to get up and running, there is plenty for you to look forward to. With the Belmont stakes coming up in June as well as the Lost Alamitos Derby in July, there are multiple horse races out there for you to look forward to, allowing you to sink your teeth back into live sports and enjoy the thrill of live horse races once again.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of sporting events or you are just looking for something new to watch on television, there are several new and exciting races for you and your family to enjoy as we head into the latter half of 2020. Which of these races will you be tuning into?

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