StreamHorse TV – Your Livestream Guide

Sitting at home during quarantine and need a horse show fix? Not sure where to start? StreamHorse TV should be your first stop! 

Started in 2014, StreamHorse TV was built in order to make equestrian livestreams more accessible. Unlike many other sports, equestrian governing bodies have not regulated or consolidated the streaming of their events, resulting in a plethora of streaming platforms. For the consumer, it can be hard to know what events are going on and how to watch them. 

With a revamped website and a new hunter/jumper focus, StreamHorse TV is bringing discipline-specific livestreams into an easy-to-access platform. Within the site, StreamHorse provides a table that lists all horse shows, their location, the links to their livestreams, and pricing to view the stream. In addition, there is a guide to the weekly streams, which can help a user to decide which show they should watch by giving information on the event and what classes are streamed and have commentary.

StreamHorse TV is not just a resource for livestreams, but also an educational platform. In addition to livestream information, StreamHorse has an educational video archive that features equestrian educational videos and past events. Thus, content is available to be watched at any hour and on off days at the horse show. You’ll never go another minute without equestrian content to watch!

StreamHorse TV is free to access to everyone and no subscription is needed. So next time you’re looking to watch a horse show go to to find your favorite stream!

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