A Note to Our Readers Regarding the July Issue

From Publisher, Piper Klemm

You may have seen the FEI and USEF violation investigations about Andy Kocher in the past week’s news cycle. You will also see him on the July cover of The Plaid Horse. We wanted to let you know that the allegations against Kocher were made after our issue went to press.

The decision to put him on the cover was made in early May before the recent controversy. At that time, I thought that a professional who repurposes horses often labeled as unwanted and unsellable would make an interesting story. We have always appreciated an underdog. As a person, Andy has always been kind to me, even when I was just starting and very few people would talk to me. However, The Plaid Horse never condones any sort of horse abuse, harsh training or violation of our show governing rules.

Given the allegations against Kocher, we wanted to make you, our readers, aware of the circumstances and timing surrounding the issue before it lands in your mailbox. We continue to be a horse first publication.

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