USHJA International Hunter Derby Updates

Photo © Lauren Mauldin

Throughout most of the country, classes for the International Hunter Derby will be able to continue! One question that has been brought up and addressed by the USEF is regarding the jog, which could limit social distancing. However, the USHJA finds it sufficient to have a jogged circle on a loose rein at the conclusion of a course to properly evaluate a horse.

Any changes concerning COVID-19 and USHJA will be updated and can be found on the USHJA website under the USHJA COVID-19 Resources page. The board of directors is confident in moving forward with the 2020 International Hunter Derby and Green Hunter Incentive Program.

Photo © Lauren Mauldin

The following are updates to the International Hunter Derby that will be applied for the 2021 competition year.

  1. As of December 1, 2020 enrollment in the International Hunter Derby program will be required in order to compete in the International Hunter Derby Classes.
  1. There will be an additional region. The West Region will be split into the Northwest (Zones 9, 12, and BC) and the Southwest (Zones 8, 10, and 11).
  1. There will be the opportunity to purchase slots for the International Hunter Derby program, similar to how slots could be purchased for the Green Hunter Incentive program. This allows owners to secure a spot in the program without having to assign a horse to it right away and can assign a horse to the slot when they make a decision.

These specifications are available on the USHJA website for anyone who would like to review them further.

Those who take part in the USHJA’s Green Hunter Incentive program, there has been a rule change passed by USEF. Beginning in the 2021 competition year, a horse must compete in the green hunter section in at least three competitions before there are any Horse of the Year points earned in the Green Hunter Incentive classes become valid.